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Undercover Boss: Frontier Airlines CEO Makes Huge Announcement

October 20, 2010 02:00 PM by Sarah_Monson


CBS‘s Undercover Boss is a show where a CEO of a major company goes undercover to see what makes his business tick. In the process, the Undercover Boss meets the unsung heroes on the frontline, working hard to make a living, and then, at the end of the show, makes their wildest dreams come true. Be it flying lessons or a free vacation, no one walks away empty handed. Well, the CEO of Frontier Airlines has done his employees one better and made a dream come true for ALL of his employees – not just the ones featured on the hit show.

On last Sunday’s Undercover Boss, we met Bryan Bedford, CEO of Frontier Airlines. He went undercover, taking to the skies as a Frontier Airlines flight attendant, baggage handler and even had to clean up some refuge.

While on the job, he learned that after a mandatory 10% pay cut was imposed after a merger, a lot of the employees wanted what was rightfully theirs back: the 10% that they were forced to give up.

So, after he took off his toupee and resumed his job as CEO, he did just that.

Apparently, the pay cuts were set forth by previous management, before Bryan and his team came on board. It was said that union workers will have that money returned to them. Unfortunately, those not in a union aren’t so lucky.

Said Bedford in a recent interview:

“That’s probably the worst time you can imagine to open your company up to cameras. But it’s also the best time to show employees at their finest. I saw how hard they worked. They looked at this challenge like it was just another hill to take.”

The pay increase will take place over the next three years.

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Photos Courtesy of CBS

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