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Project Runway: Season Finale – Part One

October 21, 2010 07:37 PM by Sarah_Monson


We’ve come a long way since that photo was taken, no? There was so much carnage along way for this Lifetime show. Now, on tonight’s second to last episode of Project Runway, the final four contestants leave New York and head back to their hometowns to create their collection for Fashion Week. Only three out of the four remaining designers will make it through. Who is it going to be? And what will Tim think of their hometowns?

On this episode of Project Runway, Tim travels the country visiting Andy and Michael, and then he heads to Denver to visit Mondo and check up on his progress. Mondo tells Tim that he has really gotten into The Day of The Dead and the circus – so his collection, though mostly black and white, is reflective of that vision. Tim sits down to dinner at his parents house, where Tim and Mondo relate to each other about not being macho as kids.

Next stop – Portland, Oregon, where Tim stops by to see Gretchen’s progress. She is just a wreck. Her boyfriend dumped her, he stole her money and she lost her house. Bummer! Will she pull through?


She shows him her collection – it’s Western meets safari – to which Tim raises an eyebrow and calls costumey. Tim sits down and shares a mimosa with Gretchen and her mom, and they joke about what a control freak Gretchen is. Only I bet he’s not joking.

Finally the gang reunites back in NYC to strut their stuff.

Michael and Mondo are the first to arrive. Followed by Andy and Gretchen. Andy is rocking a new longer hairstyle that looks super chic.


Tim shows up and pulls out “the Button Bag.” It’s never good, right? Wrong! They all get a free vacation from Hilton!

The next day, Tim tells the four designers that they will be showing two looks to judges from their current collection, and have two days to create a new look from scratch to wow the judges. The final three will then move on to Fashion Week.

Back in the design room, the gang gets right two work. Naturally, they hit some snags along the way and tension is running high. Tim gives them some words of wisdom and leaves them to it.

The next day, the runway show brings the nerves big time. It’s all or nothing here folks!

Andy shows some sexy space age looks, while Michael flaunts some flowy looks. Gretchen’s looks are kooky and little old fashioned, while Mondo rocks with his black and white inspired looks.


The judges then equally praise and rip the designers apart, per usual. None of them felt they saw anything truly inspired. The judges then have a chat, and after an agonizingly long conversation, ultimately decide that the final three Project Runway designers going on to Fashion Week are: Mondo! Gretchen! … and Andy!

Michael is voted off, and then he freaks out and starts hysterically crying. It’s really sad to watch.

What a turbulent time for these designers. Now that they are all grown up and headed for the real world, will they dress to impress at Fashion Week? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out!

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