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Rock Of Love: Bret Michaels Longtime Girlfriend Speaks Out About Their Relationship

October 21, 2010 01:00 PM by Allyson Wells


Rock of Love star Bret Michaels’ new reality show, Life As I Know It, premiered this week on VH1.  While Bret has been making the rounds talking about being a judge on American Idol, his longtime girlfriend and mother to his children, Kristi Gibson spoke to Life and Style Magazine about the ups and downs of being with Bret.

Kristi and Bret have been involved in an on-again and off-again relationship for 16 years.  However, when Bret suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage in the spring, Kristi revealed to Life and style that she stayed by his side.  “I never stopped loving him.”

Kristi began dating Bret after meeting him at an Los Angeles bar.  She admitted that she had his pictures hanging on her wall.  Since their first date, the pair have had two daughters together.  Raine is 10 and Jorja is 5.

How did Kristi handle watching Bret date multiple women on national television for his Rock of Love reality show?  “All relationships have their ups and downs.  When you’re soul mates, you find your way back together.”  Now, all the women that Bret dated can watch the woman he has shared his life with for the past decade on his new show.  “He’s an awesome, awesome dad.  He cares for his fans and he cares for his family.”

Kristi also revealed to Life and Style that Bret doesn’t necessarily have to ask for her hand in marriage.  “We’ve been together so long, it’s like we’re married, just no paper.”  She wears a promise ring that Bret gave her.  “I’ve got the ring, I’m happy!”  She did not comment on what she thought of the rings that Bret bought his Rock of Love winners.

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