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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Male Model And The Chocolate Easter Bunny

October 21, 2010 08:43 PM by Sarah_Monson


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills picks up where it left – in the lap of Beverly Hills luxury. The Bravo ladies are still fabulous and beyond wealthy, and have no trouble flaunting this over the top lifestyle for the camera. Will sisters Kim and Kyle continue to fight? What will Camille do now that Kelsey is in NYC? Read on to find out.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins with Kyle planning her annual Easter trip to Palm Desert with her family. They invite Lisa along for the holiday, so Lisa visits her local chocolatier to get a gift for the family and chooses a giant Easter bunny.

Then, Adrienne and her hubby Paul go to lunch and bicker. A lot. He is a very slow orderer and Adrienne really gets annoyed. She tells her hubby about a photo shoot she’s going to do at her Palms hotel in Las Vegas. Paul wants to make a romantic trip out of it, to which Adrienne immediately shoots down. Wow, life is rough – your hubby wants to wine and dine you. Sucks for you.

Kim packs her kids in for the ride to Palm Desert for Easter, and she’s a little worried about having Lisa along, as she wants it to just be family. At Kyle’s house, Kim’s gang arrives and the stress instantly runs high. Kyle wants to cook dinner for Lisa so the sisters head to the store. Where they fight. A lot. And spend $516 dollars on dinner.

Over at Taylor’s place, the puffy lipped beauty spends money like water. Her stylist comes over with a full wardrobe of pricey clothing for Taylor to try on and buy. Hey, it beats going to Target.


Back in Palm Desert, the gang cooks dinner, and Kyle stresses out over what Lisa will think of her cooking. The sisters begin to fight again and Lisa thinks it’s just hilarious.

Adrienne jet sets to Las Vegas where she meets Paul and some friends and tells them about her fabu photo shoot the following day with a super hot male model. At her photo shoot, the sexy male model and Adrienne strip down for the day. Paul shows up and sizes up his hunky competition.


Later, Camille flies her designer in first class from NYC for the day to LA to discuss her NYC apartment that she will be moving into with Kelsey while he does his show. Naturally, she needs to bring her kids and her staff along, so finding space in a three bedroom for 12 people will be tight. Why she needs to design a whole apartment for one year in NYC is beyond me.

In Palm Desert, Easter arrives and Lisa brings the Choco Easter Bunny over to surprise the kids with. The $1000 bunny gets immediately devoured by the hungry fashionistas.


Back in Beverly Hills, Kim surprises her daughter with a girls spa day for her 20th birthday. Kyle and her girls are in tow for the glam event, and the sisters, in true from, start to bicker. I think every episode has to now end with the sisters blowing up at each other. It seems to be a pattern.

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