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The Amazing Race: Preview Reveals Cat Fights And Another Health Scare

October 22, 2010 11:00 AM by Allyson Wells


This week on The Amazing Race, now down to eight teams, the tension is thick as several teams spar with one another.  Brook and Claire and Chad and Stephanie seem to be succumbing to the pressures of the race and can’t stop fighting with one another.  Meanwhile, Mallory is faced with a health risk.  Finally, Katie is downright catty and hopes to capitalize on Nat’s fear.

It is very common for teams to fight with one another during the race, especially when they are in last place and fighting to finish.  We’ve seen Nick take out his frustration on partner and girlfriend Vicki.  Last week both romantically involved pairs Chad and Stephanie and Jill and Thomas were in last place and took their frustrations out on one another.  This week’s preview shows Chad frustrated again with Stephanie as he says, “We just totally ruined ourselves!”  The preview also shows Brook and Claire getting feisty with one another.  The normally in-control friends have a conflict as Claire struggles with what appears to be a bungee jump challenge.

This season, father and son team Michael and Kevin were faced with a medical emergency when Michael nearly collapsed from dehydration in the African heat.  This week’s preview shows father and daughter team Gary and Mallory on what appears to be a bicycle challenge.  Mallory exclaims, “I’m getting so dizzy,” before falling over.

All season long, friends Katie and Rachel have been making catty remarks about other teams throughout the race.  In one episode, doctors Nat and Kat asked Katie and Rachel for directions and Katie remarked, “Stupid doctors.”  In last week’s episode, as Katie and Rachel finished building a tent faster than Princeton grads Connor and Jonathan, Rachel boasted, “We’re so much better than them.”  This week, Katie kicks the cattiness up a notch.  The preview shows a tearful Nat scared to do a challenge that involves being up high.  Katie laughs, “I hope she has a panic attack.”

One more team will be eliminated and only seven will remain on The Amazing Race.  Will it be because of fighting, health issues or fear?  Tune in on Sunday to see!

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