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America’s Next Top Model: Ousted Kendal Reveals Her Thoughts On The Show

October 23, 2010 07:00 AM by Allyson Wells


On the last episode of America’s Next Top Model, the models had to pose as famous designers.  Some of the models were given easier assignments than others, and unfortunately for Kendal, she really struggled with her task.  The judges doubted her desire to be a model and ended up eliminating her at the last panel session.  Tyra Banks went as far to tell Kendal she could see her as a model, but she was not actually modeling.  Kendal spoke out on her experience with America’s Next Top Model, what she thought of Tyra’s comments and who she is rooting for to win.

Question:  It seemed like you got dealt a tough hand in the last challenge when you had to impersonate Vera Wang. Which designer would you have played if you had gotten to choose?

Answer:  Any of the guys. I felt like with a guy you could do more to it; you can lean forward and really use your body. Vera Wang was very simple, very plain. I honestly think I could have done a better job as a guy. I could have used my body.  Wang is just humble and sweet. She’ll come out and wave and smile. When you see her in the magazine she was just smiling. That photo shoot I was struggling.

Question:  What did the editing not show that you wish they had?

Answer:  What you didn’t see was that I was actually smiling in the last photo shoot. They just showed me looking lost. There was even a frame where I smiled and my model jumped, towards the end, but they just showed me struggling. They had me looking crazy. In the other shoots, too, Jay Manuel would say something nice and then something mean. They only showed something mean. They had some photo shoots that I wish I could see myself more in them.

Question:  Tyra had some harsh criticism for you in the last panel. How did you react to that?

Answer:  I felt taken aback. I thought, golly, should I model then if I’m just a noun and not a verb? The last shoot I thought I was progressing, I thought I was doing well. I heard that, I thought, man, maybe I am going home. But I guess she said it for a reason. She’s Tyra; I guess she knows what she’s talking about.

Question:  What was the house like after Kacey left? Any free-floating drama?

Answer:  When Kacey left there was no drama at all, we were all laughing. Everybody was cheering. But I never didn’t like Kacey. It wasn’t a problem living with her. I just had my concerns and my doubts about her; she was very stand-offish.

Question:  Who are you rooting for now and why?

Answer:  Chris, of course! Her photos are amazing. She has a great personality; everyone loves it. That’s what a model is overall — you can take pictures but you can also talk to people. I’m rooting for Kayla, too. She took some great photos, and the judges seem to like her.

Question:  How was it watching the episode back last night?

Answer:  I was actually crying even though I knew what was going on. When you’re on the show you don’t watch what they’re saying in the judging because you are in a holding room and so hearing them say I wasn’t passionate about it or I was the noun and not the verb… I had thought I was progressing in the competition because last week I was called third and doing good and I felt like I was modeling. They were just like, “She’s not passionate about it.” The only problem was I was emotionally and mentally exhausted; I felt like there was a lot of pressure and my energy was low so I didn’t give it 100%, I would say that, but it’s not like I wasn’t passionate about it. I was just drained. I didn’t want to quit, I did want to keep going. The critiques were so harsh from Mr Jay I couldn’t take it anymore.

Question:  Did you know when you were doing the photoshoot that it wasn’t going well or were the comments at panel a surprise?

Answer:  The first five minutes, I’d say, of the photoshoot I was struggling a little bit because Vera Wang is very simple. Some of the other girls had men and I wish I would have portrayed a man because you can do more with it; you can hump your back, put your hands in your pocket and stuff like that. I had a simple person and I didn’t know what to do with that so I struggled for the first five minutes. The photographer was saying, “Give me a little bit more,” I was smiling and he even had the other model jump behind me. He was like, “Great, great,” but they didn’t show that on the television, they just showed me looking blank. I was a little bit surprised, I thought I would go on through the competition. I didn’t think I would be eliminated because of that.

Question:  Tyra also said maybe you just needed more experience and practice. Do you have any regrets about auditioning for this cycle instead of perhaps holding off a cycle and getting the experience?

Answer:  No, because I tried to audition for Cycle 14 and I didn’t have a passport so I couldn’t go on it and I think God wanted me to do Cycle 15 because I feel like I’m more high fashion in my look. Some of us didn’t have any experience and I wouldn’t have had any experience doing the other cycles so it didn’t bother me.

Question:  Was it hard having Tyra watching you at that shoot and then all the crowds gathering around?

Answer:  Not for me, I really liked Tyra being there. I was in my element when she gave me the critique. She’d say, “You did good but try it this way.” I would do that and do better, but Mr Jay’s critiques were so harsh they brought my energy down. I can take critique but if it’s harsh you can see it all on my face; that’s just the type of person I am. You can see my emotion in my face and that’s what got me eliminated.

Question:  Will you stay in touch with any of the models?

Answer:  I stay in touch with Chris, Terra, Liz… Basically I loved everybody but I was very close to Chris and Terra. I still talk with Lexie, Esther, Jane, Chelsey, all of them except Kacey.

Question:  What was everyone’s issues with Kacey?

Answer:  My issue was that I had my concerns and doubts about her. It’s not like I hated the girl – I don’t hate anybody – and if I see her I’ll say, “Hey, how you doing Kacey?” You didn’t know what you’d get from her, whether she was talking about you or whether she was really interesting in how your photo was or if she was trying to sabotage you. I don’t know what the others’ issues were but mine was that I couldn’t read through her but I’d speak to her in a minute, there’s no hard feelings.

Question:  Will you continue to model?

Answer:  Oh yeah, of course! I feel like I should be in a smaller market like try Atlanta first. Start small and progress into something in New York. I’m definitely going to consider modeling and see what happens from there.

Kendal had some interesting insight!  I definitely agree that some of the models were given easier assignments than others.  Kendal was faced with a very difficult challenge.  I also thought it was interesting that Tyra Banks and the other judges were so enamored with her the week before and so doubtful this week.  Kendal’s photo with Patrick Demarchelier (see photo above) was one of the best shots that week.  However, the judges are looking for a total package each week and at this stage on America’s Next Top Model, the models can’t have an off week.

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