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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Urban Family and Christie Brinkley!

October 24, 2010 05:56 PM by Candace Young


This week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC, Ty Pennington and the design team surprise Trisha Urban and her infant daughter Cora at their hometown carnival.  Trisha’s husband, Andy, passed away of a heart attack while she was in labor with Cora, leaving the Hamburg, Pennsylvania mom with a 300 year-old log cabin and farm they had planned to rebuild together. Christie Brinkley is the celebrity guest tonight. Read on for all the highlights…

Ty and the design team, including newest member, Leigh Anne Tuohy, go to the log home and Trisha takes them through the house. Ty comments that the mother and daughter are virtually trapped in one room of the house because they can’t deal with the memories of Andy upstairs, nor afford the repairs on other rooms.

Outside, the team encounters a guinea hen, peacock, and goats. Trisha’s mom and sister give Leigh Anne some ideas. Tracy checks out the baby’s nursery with Trisha, who then shows Ty the master bedroom, which is exactly as it was when Andy passed away a year ago.  Ty tells Trisha that they are going to Walt Disney World – and they’re leaving on a horse-drawn carriage!


The Extreme Makeover Design team sets about deciding what they will preserve from the current home as there are old newspapers and artifacts you just don’t see everyday. Ty contacts the family in Orlando to tell them a fairy tale about the demo of their house.

As the new house construction gets underway, Ty announces he’d like to see a goat hotel built for the animals! Andy’s father and brother, and Trisha’s dad show up to help onsite.

Since Trisha helps the American Heart Association in Andy’s memory, Leigh Anne Tuohy organizes a community event to raise funds. They contact the family via laptop and introduce them to special guest, supermodel Christie Brinkley, who has come to join the cause.

Christie pronounces the fireplace to be the heart of the house and suggests a heart design that will represent Andy. Ty makes a video compilation of the people who knew Andy speaking about him to save for Cora.


Tracy and Leigh Anne work to finish the ‘gotel’ as Ty calls for the furniture to be brought into the new house.

Trisha and Cora are brought back and the crowd chants for the bus to be moved. Trisha is overwhelmed at the sight of her fairytale cottage.  She is stunned at the sight of the new interior as well.  Ty shows Trisha the stone heart that Christie Brinkley incorporated into the hearth of the fireplace.

In Cora’s room, the mural and barn that Andy made for her has been saved and used in the new decor. Trisha checks out her new room and the guestroom, which both combine elements of the old house along with the new elements. Ty shows her the video of family members speaking about Andy.


Everyone heads outside so that they can see the ‘gotel’ and Cora’s crooked playhouse. Trisha pronounces the backyard cute and functional.  The family also gets a new vehicle from Ford.  Ty welcomes them home.

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Photos Courtesy: ABC, Matt Wargo, readingeagle

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2 Responses to “Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Urban Family and Christie Brinkley!”

  1. rhodyman Says:
    November 3rd, 2010 at 8:07 am

    The work the volunteers, the community leaders, and TV show did for the Urban family is absolutely wonderful. No praise would be enough, and what is even more important is the continuing community service this project has spawned.

    But, I find one thing very humorous, the producers and designers interpreted our area’s “Pennsylvania Dutch” heritage to be the same as “Holland Dutch.” They incorporated the Holland Wind Mill replica, the Holland thatched roof, and the Hans Christian Anderson (a Dane) themed animal pens.

    For those not familiar with the term “Pennsylvania Dutch”, it comes from the German expression, “Pennsylvania Deutsche”, which means Pennsylvania Germans. The iconic PA Dutch Hex Signs (barn stars) actually originated in Pennsylvania, not Germany or Holland. The other iconic object of the area is the horse and buggy the old order Amish and Mennonites still use. However, wind mills and thatched roofs are exotic in this area, but still very nice.

  2. Jim Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    I also found the PA Dutch mix up humorous; but also sad. They couldn’t get the details right on her interests and tastes. Shame on ABC.


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