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The Amazing Race: Rappelling and Eating Sheep Heads In Norway

October 24, 2010 06:44 PM by Allyson Wells


On the latest episode of The Amazing Race, Nat and Kat have a chance to bypass all of the other teams if they can finish a very gruesome fast forward challenge.  The teams have major physical challenges as they must rappel up and down a bridge in Norway.  The challenge proves to be much more difficult for some than others.  Katie and Rachel start off in last place but are confident that they can catch up.  Will the doctors bypass all of the other teams?  Will Katie and Rachel’s athletic ability give them the edge?

The teams begin in the land of the midnight sun, where there is never any darkness at the Swedish and Norwegian border.  Teams must drive into Narvik, Norway.  They must ride to the top of the mountain for the next clue.

Nat and Kat are first to leave.  Nat thinks their time on the race has been great for their friendship.  Gary and Mallory leave next and Mallory comments that it is so wonderful that Gary is getting to live out his dream.  Brook and Claire take off next and Brooke notes that she is overly hyper and Claire is overly calm and they need to come together somewhere in the middle.  Michael and Kevin excitedly take off next.  Kevin says he’ll be moving out soon and this is the last time they will “live together.”  Jill and Thomas depart next and Jill feels slightly inferior to Thomas because he went to Notre Dame.  Katie and Rachel are the last to leave and say they will do anything to win.  Rachel makes a catty remark and points out that Nat has a fear of heights and hopes that Nat will have a panic attack.

Nat and Kat take the train to go to the top of the mountain.  Nat is very nervous but pulls it together.  They are the first to arrive and get the next clue. It is a fast forward clue in which teams must eat a traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner which includes eating an entire sheep’s head!  Kat points out that she is a vegetarian and has not eaten meat in 22 years.  They arrive at the cabin for the ritual.  The texture grosses Kat out, but she says, “It tastes like money,” and begins to chow down.  The doctors try to encourage one another to make it through the challenge.  They finish and head directly to the pit stop at a marina.  Kat says she’ll throw up later.  They arrive at the marina and Phil informs them they are in first place and win a trip to Costa Rica.


Brooke and Claire, Michael and Kevin, and Gary and Mallory all arrive next.  Brook and Claire finish quickly and take off for a bridge for their next clue.  Gary tells Mallory they cannot do the fast forward.  They follow Michael and Kevin in their car.  They arrive at the bridge for the road block.  Teams must step off of the bridge and rappel, then signal for a boat for a rope and their clue, and then come back up.  Kevin and Gary do the challenge for their teams.  Brook and Claire arrive and Brooke talks Claire into doing the challenge.  Gary and Kevin make it down quickly and Gary remarks, “The climb up is going to be a bear.”


Jill and Thomas arrive and Thomas does the challenge for their team.  Claire struggles trying to even make it off the boat to rappel back up.  Thomas quickly flies down the bridge and passes Claire.  Brooke tries to encourage Claire, but Claire tells her to shut up.  Brook tells her to think of her grandma, who passed away just days before the race started.  Claire says it’s the hardest thing she has ever had to do, but pulls it together.

Nick and Vicki opt to do the fast forward.  They arrive at the cabin and see that the fast forward has been taken and are confused.  They take off to the bridge. Chad and Stephanie also head to the bridge.  The volleyball girls, Katie and Rachel see that they are not far behind the other teams.  Vicki reveals she’s the one with the guts in their relationship and takes the challenge.  Chad does the challenge for their team.  Vicki rocks the challenge, but says she feels like spaghetti.  Katie and Rachel arrive and Katie starts the challenge just as Chad finishes.

After finishing rappelling down the bridge, the teams discover they have to find the remote area of Harvika for their next road block. They must bike or boat.  If they bike, they must ride a grueling tour and memorize a combination that will unlock their bike’s locks.  In the boat challenge, they must direct a captain to a certain point, and unload two giant fish and a chainsaw off the boat and return.  Michael and Kevin opt to do the boat because it will be less strenuous for Michael.  Jill and Thomas and Gary and Mallory do the bike challenge.  Brook and Claire opt to do the boat challenge.  Claire wishes they could go and get a manicure.  Mallory keeps falling off her bike because the rocks are so slippery.  Kevin encourages Michael drop off their fish and chainsaw and head back for the boat.  Kevin tells Michael he is doing great.


Jill and Thomas finish the bike challenge and head for the Ankenes Marina.  Gary and Mallory finish quickly, as well.  Jill and Thomas get lost trying to find the marina and begin to fight.  Michael and Kevin also get lost and decide to follow Jill and Thomas.  Thomas yells that they just totally ruined themselves!  They end up back at the rappelling bridge and see Katie and Rachel.  Katie and Rachel mistakenly think that Jill and Thomas are in last place!

Gary and Mallory meet Phil at the finish line and he tells them they are in second place.  Gary thinks the race is much better in person than on your couch at home.

Nick and Vicki choose the bike road block and Nick claims he has been doing BMX since he was a child. Vicki actually does better than Nick does.  Chad and Stephanie do the boat challenge.  Katie and Rachel also decide to do the boat challenge.  Nick and Vicki quickly finish and take off for the marina.  After finishing and then passing Katie and Rachel, Chad points out that if they don’t make any stupid mistakes, they won’t finish last.


Jill and Thomas make it to Phil and are happy to learn they are third.  Michael and Kevin skip to the finish line and are ecstatic to be team four.  Brook and Claire arrive and are relieved they are in fifth place.  Brook reveals her eye is bleeding from a gash she got when the car door closed on her head.  Phil laughs that she is tough.  Nick and Vicki finish sixth.  Chad and Stephanie arrive and are informed they are in last place, but still in the race.  Stephanie thinks they can go from last to first.  Katie and Rachel rush to the finish line, but Phil tells them they are in last place and eliminated.  The volleyball girls with they could have raced on The Amazing Race forever.

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