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Survivor: Nicaragua — Yve’s Demise

October 25, 2010 08:00 AM by Ryan Haidet


Although some of her tribemates have mentioned their desire to quit the competition, it was Yve Rojas who was voted off Survivor: Nicaragua despite her wishes to stay in the game.  Yve, a 41-year-old homemaker from Kansas City, Missouri, has been a fan of the show for a long time and was thrilled to get the chance to play.  In a conference call with reporters, Yve revealed a lot about her experience including a discussion of her biggest regrets and the two contestants she would most like to see win.

Question: At Tribal Council you said Dan was always talking about his cars and houses.  Why do you think he entered Survivor if he didn’t want to be there?

Yve Rojas: Because he was asked to be there, and he thought it would be fun.  His reasons for being there were unlike those of us who had been trying for years to get on the show and admire the game and are actually fans that watch the episodes.  I’m not sure why he was there other than the fact that I guess he was offered the opportunity and a chance to go on.


Question: What do you think you should have done to turn the tables on Dan?

Yve Rojas: I should have, from the swap, communicated directly and more succinctly with Holly.  I felt that she and Dan were going in a different direction.  I know communication is the key to everything, and hesitating often leaves time you can’t get back.  I should have communicated with her better from that get-go.  She’s a likable person and I knew she would bond immediately with those children.  With those children?!?! (laughs at her remark).  Yes, actually some of them are young enough to be my kids, too.  She nurtured it better than I did.  I kind of hesitated a bit.  I should have ran when I jogged.


Question: Some were concerned about the tight bonds you had with the former Espada tribe.  Was it your plan to re-align with your initial allies after the merge?  What was your long-term plan?

Yve Rojas: I was confident with my original alliance made with Marty on day one.  I had brought Jill into that.  I knew where Alina stood.  Chase upon returning to camp after the swap said Alina was probably the next to go.  When I was trying to articulate in a sense to her that I did have relationships there, I didn’t think I was overly insinuating that I had a strong alliance with Marty or anyone else over there, but I was trying to intimate to her that I knew she was next. …  In retrospect I didn’t communicate that quite right.  Did I feel odd after saying that?  Yes.


Question: Was there anything on the show that surprised you?

Yve Rojas: Yes.  I would have to say the personalities.  By day two I was just flabbergasted at how extremely unique everybody was.  That really surprised me.  I completely understand why they put a group of people from all different walks of life out there.  The whole strategizing part with people that were so unique and expressive in unique ways was much more challenging than the physical elements or the hunger.  All of that was a breeze compared to really figuring out the people and who to moderately trust and who to not trust at all.  I never trusted anyone 100 percent.


Question: Is there anybody who you would like to see win?

Yve Rojas: I, of course, would love to see someone win from the original Espada tribe.  I would like to see Marty.  I enjoy watching him now, and I enjoyed the way he played the game while I was with him.  Also, Jane’s an amazing woman.  I learned a lot from her.  She is just remarkable on the efforts she took to be prepared to go on the show, and have an incredible amount of stamina.  I told her that I would not write her name down unless it was for the winner.  And I was honest when I said that to her.


Question: Was Marty arrogant?

Yve Rojas: I didn’t think he was arrogant at all.  Calculating?  Sure.  He had that down great, but those are the rules of the game.  That’s what he was playing by. …

Question: What was your favorite part about competing on the show?

Yve Rojas: Being in the game.  Just simply having the opportunity to be invited to play on Survivor.  That was the best part of it.  That’s why I was so heartbroken after I was asked to leave.  I knew I was capable of more.  I didn’t want to go.  It was just wonderful.  I loved the personal challenge.


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