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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Gets Plastic Surgery and Phaedra Throws A Baby Shower

October 25, 2010 07:35 PM by Sarah_Monson


On tonight’s hit show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Hot-lanta was on fire. Bravo star (and now Celebrity Apprentice star) Nene goes under the knife. Phaedra throws an over the top baby shower. Even Lisa Wu Hartwell stops by. Keep reading to find out what went down!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta begins with Nene visiting her plastic surgeon. By now you’ve read all about Nene’s multiple procedures. Tonight, she is looking on getting her boobs reduced two sizes.  While she’s there, she talks about her poochie stomach and tells the doc she doesn’t feel like going to the gym, so could he please just cut it out.  Oh, yeah … and she wants a nose job too. Hmm, what else is on the menu?

Over at Kim’s, the pop star is back from Palm Springs and cooks dinner with her kids for her parents, who come over to visit. Kim’s dad gives his granddaughter Brielle some dating advice, because Kim cannot, because she tells her parents that she’s back with her married boyfriend, Big Poppa. They just can’t live with out each other, it seems. Her parents give her flack about choosing fame over family. Don’t worry mom and dad, it won’t last much longer.

Meanwhile, Sheree works out with her personal trainer. She tells him about the blind date she recently went on with a handsome psychiatrist. His nickname is the Love Doctor! Sheree attends one of his seminars about how hard it is for black women to find love. Sheree does not think this applies to her, but she wants to see her man in action. She watches the doctor bring the house down, then he asks Sheree to come up on stage. He asks Sheree what’s more important – love or money. She says 50/50. At least she’s honest.

Later, Cynthia and Paul are invited by Phaedra to an fancy horse race called the Steeplechase. They swing by to pick up the pregnant lawyer and Dwight. Cynthia says that Phaedra looks like a black Tammy Fay Baker and Dwight looks like Willy Wonka.

Phaedra tells Cynthia that she didn’t want a husband who already had kids. She didn’t want the baggage. She wants a clean man. Paul then tells Phaedra that he has 5 kids. Oops.

Finally, it’s plastic surgery day for Nene.


She’s worried about needles and acts like a big baby. The doc comes in and dopes Nene up. She starts mumbling for Gregg as she heads in for surgery. When she comes out, she’s a drippy nose, drugged up goofball. She calls Sheree and tells her that she now gets to wear one of her bras. Hah.

Meanwhile, Kim heads over to where Kandi is mixing her new album, who is nervous about her new record not selling. Kim tells her how awesome it will be, and how she’ll totally be a success. Then she unloads Kandi with the news about how she needs to write more songs. Meaning: Kandi, will you help me write a song? Kandi did not seem the interested to write songs, but asked Kim if she wanted to do a tour together! Wow, what a treat for Kim. Who is the laziest musician on earth. Kandi then coyly asks Kim what her plan is for her next song – meaning, if she wants her help, then Kim will have to PAY!

Kim then visits Nene and brings her flowers. Nene still looks like a wreck and is super sore. Even though she’s not supposed to drink, she tells Kim she wishes she brought some wine. Bryce tells her mom that she shouldn’t have changed anything about herself. Kim tells him to mind his own business.

Finally, the day of Phaedra’s baby shower comes. It’s a grand affair, per usual. Dwight, in a full tuxedo, makes everything over the top.


Kandi and Cynthia drive together to the dress code only southern style baby shower. The requirement? HATS. Phaedra, however, gets bejeweled and flowered. Not hat for her! She’s special.


This baby shower is the party of the year. Lisa Wu Hartwell even shows up! Phaedra makes her grand entrance in a big blue dress, her eyelashes studded with crystals. Kandi calls this look Boughetto – Bourgeois meets ghetto. She’s brilliant. Phaedra notices Kim arriving late, which pisses her off. But Kim doesn’t care, she didn’t even wear a hat!


To top off the evening, Phaedra gives her guests a ballet presentation. She’s having a boy, but she doesn’t care! Then she gets up and does the Waltz with Dwight. It’s painful to watch. Kim says the words I have to say every time I watch this show: Just keep drinking, it’ll be alright. Kidding, I love this show.

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