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America’s Next Top Model: The Models Walk The Runway For Zac Posen

October 27, 2010 06:35 PM by Allyson Wells

America's Next Top Model

This week on America’s Next Top Model, Zac Posen stars as a guest judge.  The models have the opportunity to model his new collection, Z Spoke, on the runway.  Tyra Banks stresses that the models have to be more than just a pretty face and be more versatile.  In another big opportunity, Nigel directs a commercial for one of the models to star in.  Kayla struggles with personal demons during the shoot.  The remaining models not only fall flat, they fall flat on their backs, as the commercial requires them to be in roller skates.  The queen of the best photo challenge, Ann, is one of the worst ones.  Will she find herself in the bottom at elimination?

The models hang out at the house.  Liz is happy to have won best photo, but doesn’t want to get conceited.  Ann notes it is a disappointment she finally lost and admits she is nervous.  Esther feels like she needs to come out more and not be in the bottom two again.  Tyra mail arrives and says, “To be a top model, you need help with Posen.”  Miss J enters and the models go wild!  He introduces them to Zac Posen, one of the most successful designers in the world, and informs them they are going to be in a runway show.  Zac tells them they will be modeling with professional models on the runway and modeling his new line, Z Spoke.  Miss J tells the models how rare it is to be so close and personal with a designer.  Zac tells them he likes models with an attitude and confidence, but to discover their own sensuality.  Zac stresses he is very into the walk.  Chris thinks Esther will struggle.  Ann isn’t sure if she is ready to walk.

The next morning, the models arrive behind the scenes at Zac Posen’s show.  Miss J informs them the winner will get five looks from Zac’s new collection.  Zac tells Jane to stand up straight and that Chris’s walk looks way too drag queen.  Zac points out that his clothes should fit all body types.  Miss J informs the professional models that the should be extra mean to the Top models to see if they can retain their composure.  The professional models make catty comments about the Top models as they practice.  One of the professionals tells Ann she doesn’t look like a professional model.  Another tells Esther that her big boobs might be hard to work with.

America's Next Top Model

The runway show begins and Andre welcomes the crowd to Zac’s show.  Jane opens the show and is definitely nervous.  Just before Liz prepares to walk, a professional tells her she isn’t ready.  Another professional warns Ann to not screw up right before she walks the runway.  Ann ends up stumbling as she walks.  The same model tries to rattle Chris, but it doesn’t work.  Esther tries to show off her personality, but stumbles everywhere and Zac notes she is a mess.  Chesley rocks the runway trying to impress Zac.  After the show, Miss J tells them to survive that they must develop thick skins and explains that the professional models were being mean on purpose.  The professional models laugh and apologize before leaving.  Zac tells Kayla she was elegant.  He tells Jane she needs to be more fierce.  Zac liked Chesley’s walk.  Zac tells Ann she is a rarity, but needs to work on her confidence.  Zac announces that Chelsey is the winner.  Chelsey is thrilled she impressed Zac!

The next morning in the house, Jay and Nigel arrive and surprise the models with the news that they are doing their first commercial and Nigel is the director for H2T water.  Nigel explains they will be on roller skates and kissing boys.  They immediately step outside to the beach for the shoot.  Chris thinks if it shows off her personality, she’ll win.  Kayla isn’t excited about kissing a boy.  Jay pulls Kayla aside and asks her why it bothers her so much.  Kayla cries that she was sexually assaulted at age 12 and is freaked out.  Jay softly tells Kayla he is so sorry she went through that.  Kayla admits no one else in the world knows.  Jay wishes she had support and she hasn’t healed yet and needs therapy.  Jay doesn’t want her to throw away opportunities over it.  Kayla appreciates Jay helping her get it together. 

Nigel coaches the girls on what to say about the water during the shoot.  Kayla has a difficult time checking her emotions at the door and struggles with her line.  However, Jay thinks that Kayla did a great job pulling it together.  Liz seems lost and laughs casually.  Nigel thinks she is disappointing and that she is not taking it seriously.  Jay tells Esther to have fun with it, but she remains flat and without energy.  Poor Jane and Chelsey stumble all over the sidewalk in their skates.  Chris does a great job and Nigel think she was one of the best of the day.  Ann is busy crying because she is worried she will fall and everyone will laugh at her.  In the middle of her shoot, she falls flat on her back!  Nigel tells her she can do it but needs to tough up.  Ann worries that even though she’s done so well, a couple of screw-ups could get her sent home.

 America's Next Top Model

Back at the house, the models talk about how hard the shoot was.  Kayla reveals to the other models that she endured sexual abuse for a year and has never ever talked about it before.  Kayla is happy she finally talked about it and doesn’t think it will affect her in the competition. 

At pre-panel, Tyra and Zac both laugh that they are sporting bright green.  The models enter for judging and Tyra tells them that Zac had his own line when he was 21.  Jane steps up first to be judged.  They watch her best take.  The judges think her contact with the male model at the end was magical.  Nigel liked it, but wants more of her personality.  Liz is next and her best shot is a disaster at best.  Nigel says she was a mess and laughed through it.  Tyra asks why she was blowing it off, and Liz starts to cry and just wants to take care of her daughter.  Tyra tells her to use her daughter to take it more seriously.  Chris’s take is next.  All of the judges love her performance and remark how fun it was.  Ann nervously steps up for her best take.  Her take is a mess and she looks like she is going to cry the entire time.  Andre thinks she looked like she was in deep pain the entire rime.  Zac tells her she must have confidence.  Kayla steps up next and her take is actually okay.  Tyra likes that she looked urban.  Zac likes her movement, but thinks she fell apart when interacting with the male.  Chelsey steps up sporting purple tights to be judged.  Nigel thinks she started off a mess and then got better.  Tyra thinks she was a bit wooden.  Esther is last to be judged.  The judges think her take was a mess in every way possible and Nigel notes there was nothing memorable about it at all. 

America's Next Top Model 

The judges deliberate.  They think Chelsey is great.  They discuss Liz and think she was a disaster.  Zac notes that Jane will sell anything, but Tyra wonders about her lack of personality.  Nigel admits he forgot about Esther and Zac thinks she is boring.  The judges love Chris’s energy.  They think Kayla did a great job and has a good balance of high end and commercial.  The judges doubt that Ann can be commercial.

The models return for the results.  Tyra announces that Chris won for best commercial, but Tyra asks her to tone it down a bit.  Tyra reveals Jane is the runner-up for best commercial.  Chelsey is third.  Kayla is fourth.  Liz is fifth, and Tyra asks her to take the competition more seriously.  Shockingly, Ann is in the bottom two with Esther.  Tyra tells Ann that being a model is not just about taking fantastic pictures and she has to present herself better.  Tyra tells Esther that she is beautiful, edgy and interesting but is also blah.  Tyra announces that Ann gets to stay, but she needs to work with her unique talents.  Tyra hugs Esther, her curvy sister.  She asks her to work on her voice and continue modeling.  Esther is sad about leaving but thinks she will continue modeling and eventually make it to the cover of Italian Vogue without the help of America’s Next Top Model.

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