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Survivor: Nicaragua — Who Holds The Idol

October 27, 2010 06:57 PM by Lisa Princ


Jeff Probst is back tonight for a brand new episode of Survivor: Nicaragua on CBS. After reports of the immunity idol changing hands, we will find out who really holds the idol and who is really trustworthy. Keep reading for more details and to find out who the eighth tribe member voted off is, you may or may not be surprised!

CBS’s Survivor: Nicaragua kicks off tonight with scheming right off the bat – everyone is scheming about who should be the next player voted off, and the challenges haven’t even begun! Most of La Flor is certain that they will vote off Marty or Jill if given the chance, while Marty and Jill are determined to get rid of Jane. On Espada’s side, Naonka convinces the others that Alina is not trustworthy and should be eliminated if they are up for it tonight.

Then Jeff Probst announces the first challenge: trying to get a ball into a net over a pool, with one person guarding the net as the other team throws. The first team to get five scores will win the challenge and a horseback ride the next morning along with a big reward breakfast, complete with fresh milk, cheese, and eggs. Fabio guards the net for La Flor while Chase guards for Espada and Jane sits it out. It’s a tight race and in the midst of it Fabio announces that he used the pool as a restroom and continues on as nothing happened. Espada winds up scoring the last goal and winning the challenge.


At breakfast the next morning, Alina gets very emotional and sheds some tears with her team, but they aren’t all buying it. Naonka feels it’s just an act and part of Alina’s game to get closer to her team and she also vows to play Alina’s game and get closer to her just to get rid of her. Over on La Flor’s camp, Jane is up early catching fish and after catching a few she decides to sneak off to cook one of the catfish for herself without sharing or fighting with her tribe.

Next up on Survivor: Nicaragua Jeff announces that he taking away the individual immunity idols, all but the hidden one that is, as tribal immunity would be on the line for this challenge. In this challenge each team must break five tiles of the other team’s while standing on a platform and rolling a ball down a rope type chute. Half the team would position the chute while the others would toss the balls down in an attempt to break the tiles. Marty sat this challenge out and this challenge was no where near close, it more like a landslide. La Flor broke one tile and had a rough time getting their chute in the proper position, while Espada had no problem breaking one tile after another and winning the challenge. This meant that Espada was safe and La Flor would go to council later that evening.


Marty was holding the immunity idol at this point in the game and Sash decided to have a chat with him and try to convince Marty to give up the idol assuring Marty that he would not be going home, despite the fact that Sash was telling other players they would send Marty home. Marty, in what may have been the stupidest move yet handed over the immunity idol to Sash and placed his trust in him. At the tribal council, when asked who held the immunity idol, Sash said he had it, but none of the other team members had seen him with it. Then in a slip up, Sash went on to say “if I ever can’t trust them” and then tried to correct it saying he meant it the other way around – this definitely had the rest of the tribe wondering about him.

And then it was time to tally up the votes on Survivor: Nicaragua and Jeff pulled them out one by one to reveal 2 votes for Jane, two votes for Marty and two votes for Jill. Marty looked nervous as Jeff pulled out the final vote, but he didn’t need to as it looked like Sash was true to his word…..or one of his comrades turned on him, because the final vote was for Jill. Jill had her torch put out and would become the eight tribe member eliminated this season! Be sure to tune in next week for another brand new episode of Survivor: Nicaragua on CBS.

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