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Project Runway: Season Finale Part 2

October 28, 2010 08:27 PM by Allyson Wells


In the season finale of Project Runway, there are three remaining designers:  Gretchen, Mondo and Andy.  They are all three very different designers.  In the previous week, Heidi Klum and judges gave the designers constructive criticism on how to improve their designs.  The remaining trio are torn between staying true to themselves, as Tim Gunn suggests they do, or trying to please the judges, including guest judge Jessica Simpson.  Which designer will strike the right balance and ultimately walk away the Project Runway winner?

One week before the Fashion Week runway show, the final three, Mondo, Gretchen and Andy are very excited.  Mondo notes it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Andy wants to show the world who he is.  They read a note that some friends will be waiting to congratulate them at Parsons.  None of them have any clue as to who could be waiting.

At Parsons, Tim and Heidi wait with the former contestants.  The three finalists enter and are very happy to see everyone again.  They watch a video of Andy’s very high highs and very low lows.  Some of his best designs are shown, and he hopes that perhaps his success can help his family.  Tim thinks the season has been incredible.  Some of the cast members admit they get a lot of questions about Gretchen being mean.  Gretchen gets teary and thinks that confident women get the wrong impression.  April and Ivy think Gretchen is fake.  Michael defends her and says she means well.  Mondo thinks it is unfair to pick on Gretchen.  Gretchen’s video begins.  The video shows her impressive wins and getting a unanimous judges’ decision.  The video also shows Gretchen throwing fabric and coping an attitude and getting defensive with the judges.  Tim turns the conversation to Mondo and Michael Costello’s evolution.  Mondo admits he was a jerk based on gossip, but came around as a professional.  Mondo’s colorful video begins.  Tim begins by saying that Mondo knocked his socks off.  The video shows Mondo coming into his own confidence and flourishing with his designs.  The video also shows Mondo admitting he is HIV positive.  They then watch a video of all of the cast acting silly and making catty comments to one another. Heidi notes the season was so great because they all were free-flowing with their emotions.  Heidi asks who they think is going to win, but everyone agrees it could be anyone.  Tim takes the three finalists back to work.

One day before the finale, the contestants get back to work.  They discuss how they are going to modify their styles to win.  Tim enters and informs them that they need to get rid of one look, and only ten looks may be on the runway.  Tim asks Mondo what the judges thought of his collection.  Mondo informs him they were concerned about things being too costumey.  Tim gives him advice on which look to get rid of.  Tim talks with Andy and he shows him his looks.  Tim thinks one of his designs looks like hair growing up out of a crotch and that it is disturbing.  Mondo thinks Andy’s collection is very two-dimensional.  Tim talks to Gretchen last and she admits her reviews were not good because the designs were too casual.  Tim advises her to trust her instincts.  Andy thinks that her work is too simple.  Tim brings in some consultants for styling and advises them to work out everything today.  He then tells them he believes the show has three winners with powerful collections.


The finalists work on their model hairstyles, fittings and makeup.  Gretchen admits that she doesn’t normally pay attention to these details, but is willing to adapt.  Mondo hopes that his models will feel comfortable and have fun with what they are wearing.  Gretchen thinks her greatest strength is planning.  Andy doesn’t think it will ever be over and he’ll be tweaking until the models hit the runway.  Mondo announces that a few of his models didn’t show up.  After a long day’s work, they return home and reminisce about how far they have come together.  All three really want to win to prove to themselves and the world that they can make it as designers.

The morning of the runway finale, the alarm clocks go off at 3 am.  The trio head out to take on the runway.  They enter the Project Runway area and are amazed at how big the runway is.  Gretchen throws herself down on the runway.  They all head backstage to get to work and it is crazy!  Some of Mondo’s model are nowhere to be found. Mondo’s order list is also wrong.  Tim advises him to move back and forth and check in on all areas.  Tim is concerned that Andy is still sewing!  Mondo ends up having to use another model who has different hair than the look he was going for. 


Heidi Klum takes the stage and welcomes a very packed house to the Project Runway finale.  Heidi tells the crowd she has never felt so attached to the designers before.  She also introduces the guest judge, Jessica Simpson.  The show gets underway.  Gretchen’s collection is shown first.  An emotional Gretchen addresses the crowd thanks her mom and sister for being there and calls her collection “Running Through Thunder.”  Backstage, Tim tells Gretchen she should be very proud of herself.


Andy’s collection is shown next.  He’s very emotional that his mother is there to see his work. Andy takes the stage and is honored to be there.  He explains that his collection is inspired by his heritage and dedicates it to his mom.  Andy gets emotional watching the show backstage with Tim.  Andy can’t believe how much he has evolved.  Tim tells Andy to be proud of his achievements. 

Mondo takes the stage and tells the audience his inspiration came from his Mexican heritage and thanks his family and friends for their support.  He dedicates the collection to his spiritual guide, his grandmother.  Mondo notes that fashion is his own dreamworld.  Mondo watches backstage and can’t help but continue to critique himself.

The judges agree that all three finalists evolved as designers.  All of the designer enter for their judging session.  Heidi says they were blown away and congratulates them.  The judges agree that they are all three stars.  Andy explains his line’s inspiration was a park where he was from, which had a lot of metals.  The judges like that he used something personal and that it didn’t turn into an Asian costume.  Yet, they thought his focus was lacking in diversity and he lost who he was. 


The judges then discuss Gretchen’s collection.  She explains her inspiration was the challenge of the Project Runway experience.  The judges think overall she did great and had a lot of modern choices with an ease.  However, they think her prints were too monotone and a dash of color would have helped.  Heidi loves that Gretchen designed and made her own jewelry.  Jessica notes her concern was a lack of an extravagant piece.

Mondo explains that his inspiration was his deep Mexican roots, such as Day of the Dead.  The judges think his collection was true to who he was.  Heidi loved his skull t-shirt.  The judges think he is super creative and mixes color and prints very well.  However, the judges worry that his collection is too overwhelming.  They feel that his line needs more sophistication. 

The contestants have to explain why they should be the winner.  Mondo thinks he loves himself so much more and can create better fashion.  Gretchen believes she has grown and learned and listened to their advice and would immediately make them proud.  Andy states that winning would be an amazing dream come true because he could really take off.  The trio leave to let the judges deliberate.  They all congratulate one another and agree they will be happy for whoever wins.

The judges discuss the designers.  They like Andy’s collection, but worry that he played it a bit too safe.  They wonder if maybe Andy was scared.  They all agree Andy is out.  Heidi asserts she would wear a lot of Gretchen’s clothes.  The judges think she has a great eye and is on trend.  They like that she stayed true to the designer she is, but also listened to their advice.  They think her collection was memorable.  They then discuss Mondo and agree his is extremely talented and admire his creativity.  They are concerned about his editing capabilities that will work in real life.  Heidi and Jessica believe they would wear more of Mondo’s pieces.  Heidi believes that at the end of the day, Mondo is more special.  The judges are split in the middle between Mondo and Gretchen. 


The designers return to hear who won the competition.  The judges tell Andy they missed what made his designs special in the past, and announce he is out.  Andy says he has no regrets.  They tell Gretchen and Mondo this was the toughest decision in Project Runway history.  They wish they could have two winners, but reveal that Gretchen is the winner!  Gretchen thanks them.  Heidi hugs Mondo good-bye.  Mondo believes everything happens for a reason and the Project Runway experience has given him the confidence he needs.  Heidi congratulates Gretchen and she says she feels like $100,000.  Gretchen says it is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to her.  The judges have total faith in her designs.  Gretchen’s mom and sister enter the runway to celebrate with her.  Tim enters and embraces Gretchen.  He tells her that the win was much-deserved.  

What did you think of the Project Runway finale?  I like that all three of the designers were very different with their styles.  I could personally see myself wearing some of the pieces from all of them.  I can agree with the judges that it was a very difficult choice.  I was surprised that they chose Gretchen over Mondo, as he has wowed them all season long.  I am sure we’ll see designs from all of them in the future, such as Andy’s athletic designs he designed for Heidi Klum’s New Balance Collection.

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