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Supernanny: Jo Discovers Hot Sauce As She Helps Out With A Newborn

October 28, 2010 09:00 AM by Allyson Wells


On ABC’s Supernanny, Jo steps in with the Peterfreund family and will be helping out the overwhelmed parents with a newborn for the first time ever.  She is in for a shock when she discovers these parents discipline their older kids with hot sauce!

ABC released a press release the describes the episode.  “For the first time, Jo works with a family with a newborn when she encounters the Peterfreund family in Arizona. Parents Keith and Sonya are so overwhelmed with their three older boys, Jett, 5 Gage, 3 and Trey, 2, that they’re missing baby Myles’ cues about wet diapers, feedings, etc. Mom literally has to run through the house after the active older boys with Myles hanging off her arm, head bobbing dangerously. Keith is a flight attendant and travels frequently, and Mom doesn’t have enough arms for all the work! Neither parent is consistent about discipline, and their go-to punishment is “saucing” the three older kids, putting a dab of hot sauce on their lips.”

Jo recently discussed parenting discipline styles with SheKnows.com, the amazing partner site to Reality TV Magazine.  She stressed the importance of communication and spending time with your children, as opposed to rewarding them monetarily or with junk food and candy.  However, this might be the first time Jo has faced parents who use condiments to discipline their children!

Can Jo show these overwhelmed parents of four how to parent effectively with a newborn in the house and without the use of condiments?  Make sure to tune in on Friday, November 12 on ABC to find out.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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