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The Amazing Race: Phil Keogahn Reveals Mishaps Of Show

October 28, 2010 03:30 PM by Allyson Wells


Phil Keogahn is hosting the seventeenth season of The Amazing Race and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.  Despite some very trying experiences, including being detained in Ukraine, Phil loves his job.  He recently shared some of his past travel experiences with the show and revealed a behind the scenes look at the current season, as well as a few spoilers. 

Although Phil and contestants get to travel to far corners of the world, Phil told the Toronto Sun that his gig is not always as glamorous as it seems.  “I’ve been held by immigration overnight in Ukraine and barely made it to the pit stop on time because I didn’t have the right papers I’ve missed flights, and my bag’s gone missing and been chewed up in some kind of bag dispenser machine and somebody picked through the bag and took a few things out of it. Inevitably, my bag goes missing about once a season. I’ve been a little sick every now and again, sunburned on the scalp from extreme heats and shivered my biologicals off in Poland once outside in the cold.  I think a lot of people would be surprised about how we operate.”

Phil revealed that the current production crew and the Racers didn’t get to a hotel for the first six days of the 23 they spent travelling and taping.  “The schedule was brutal-our sleep came from being on planes.”  Phil had to wash his hair on the side of the road during this time!  He also addressed the watermelon incident in which Claire launched her melon backwards.  “Not in a million years did we see that watermelon was going to somehow reverse trajectory and fly back in her face.  We test everything over and over again. We’re not about wanting to injure people; that’s the last thing we want to do. And it just so happened that she got a good smack in the face with that watermelon.”

As for what lies ahead in the season, Phil revealed that the teams “fly literally from the furnace to the freezer.  Those kinds of shock treatments for them always work and always create great drama.  That’s what is so much fun to document for us, because some of them just can’t cope.”

As far his job, even being held up by immigration in Ukraine for not having the right papers won’t slow him down.  As reported by TMZ, a big fan of the show was a U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine and helped get him out.  “How boring would it be if I was to tell you that everything was perfect every single time and, ‘Oh yes, I have a makeup person and a wardrobe person and the flights are always on time, the weather’s always perfect and we have no hardships at all.’ It wouldn’t make for a very good story.  If you get three hours of sleep a night, you think that’s luxury. And if you do that for a month, you lose 12 pounds, you come back and you’re exhausted mentally and physically.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Phil’s comments certainly make you appreciate what goes on behind the scenes to bring us those gorgeous shots from different parts of the globe.  Tune in to The Amazing Race to see where Phil and the racers land next.

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