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Survivor: Nicaragua — Jillian Defends Her Strategy

October 30, 2010 01:00 PM by Ryan Haidet


Another loss of an original Espada member struck this week when Jillian Behm was voted off Survivor: Nicaragua.  In a conference call with reporters, the 43-year-old emergency room doctor from Erie, Pennsylvania, talked about her last Tribal Council, her strong bond with Marty and even what she’s going to be for Halloween.

Question: Did you know how the votes were going to fall at Tribal Council?

Jillian Behm: Yes.  Well, sort of.  Marty came to me and said, “This is what they’re doing.”  Then Sash came over and said, “I tried turning Brenda, maybe getting her to commit to you guys.  She’s just not going for it.”  I definitely knew I was going home.  We voted for Jane. …  They actually threw two votes in Marty’s direction in case I had an extra one (Idol).  Then it would be a tie between Marty and Jane; then they would all swing over and vote Marty out in case we tried to pull a fast one.  That’s why they voted two for Marty.  They told him they were going to do that, and they told him why.  The only surprise was the last vote, because you don’t really want to go home.  I knew it was probably going to happen, but at the back of your mind you’re like, “Maybe they’ll vote Marty out.”  But they didn’t.


Question: Your gameplay seemed a bit subtle, do you think you should have mixed it up and been more vocal?

Jillian Behm: I’ve been fielding a lot of criticism today about my gameplay, and I think those were critical of me possibly playing second-fiddle to Marty.  I don’t really think that’s the case.  We were kind of a 50-50 partnership.  What other options did I have?  Who would you have hooked up with or what changes would you have made in my game?  I freely admit that I made mistakes.  I absolutely should not have given him, in essence, the Immunity Idol.  And we should have kept Jane and Holly closer on Espada; make them feel a little less like outsiders.  But as far as my alliance with Marty, I’m not nervous about that at all.  Up until the tribe switch, Yve, Marty and I were in a completely tight alliance.  We just pulled Danny in, which gave us numbers of four with seven players left.  We have a four-majority so we could have whooshed out three straight losses and still been strong.  Then we would have sacrificed Dan.


Up to that point, I would say that my playing was fine, couldn’t be better.  We had some exceedingly bad luck with the tribe switch in that we got put on lesser numbers.  The other Espadas had four La Flors to deal with, we had only three Espadas to five.  And we got put with Jane, who didn’t like us.  Had we gone over with Danny or Yve, things could have been better.  They wouldn’t have known Marty had the Idol, because we wouldn’t have to tell them at that point.


Question: How do you feel about Marty telling everybody he had the Idol?

Jillian Behm: Couple things about that.  This goes way back to early in the game. …  Our (clues) were found in the middle of camp and we stuck it up on a tree with a knife, and everybody was looking at it.  I don’t think the cameras captured the sense of panic that was going on in camp.  People were running around, digging around trees, running all over camp. …  I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is so easy.  Someone’s going to find this before us.”  So I wanted Marty to go get it, because I knew whoever found it was not really going to be able to keep it a secret because everyone was running around camp. …  I figured by giving it to Marty, I would have access.  He would use it for furthering our cause, but I wouldn’t be in possession of it.  So it wouldn’t be a target for me.


Initially when he (Marty) found it, Jimmy Johnson tricked him into admitting he had it.  At that point we’re like, “J.J. knows about this.  He’s going to spill the beans to everybody, and that’s going to be really bad for us.” …  I told him (Marty), “We’ve got to tell everyone, that way it takes away Jimmy’s power.  Nobody’s gonna target you.  It will all be fine.”  It took some talking, but he did and you noticed the reaction on Jimmy T.‘s face. …  We didn’t have a choice, we had to tell everyone that we had the Idol.  We kind of forced our hand.  However that kind of bit us in the butt when we went over to La Flor because Jane told them we had it, and they all knew we had it.  We didn’t have a lot of wiggle room.  I’m not sure I would have played it any differently, other than keeping the Idol for myself.  That was a huge, game-wrecking mistake on my part.


Question: What do you think was Jane’s problem with you and Marty?

Jillian: I don’t know.  Obviously there was nothing shown on camera.  We never voted for her.  We never brought her name up.  The only thing we did was vote out people she chose to be in an alliance with.  I kind of helped her with medical issues, so I don’t really know where she gets her anger from.  I would just look at the personality of hers.  At this point, she’s deceiving Marty.  She’s sneaking off from the tribe and eating food.  I think you’re starting to see more about her personality than ours.  I would take what she says an put it in that context, and that might make it a little clearer.


Question: Go back to the early days.  What was it like have Jimmy Johnson around camp?

Jillian Behm: Jimmy is cool.  We were a little starstruck at first.  But after a while, you’re just one of the guys.  Things started to stink very quickly there as far as our conditions.  The suffering set in, and once that happened, he was just the guy who could catch fish.  He knew everything about fishing from the tiniest, little lines to throwing that net that Jimmy T. couldn’t throw. …  And he was a gentleman.  He sort of led the tribe in that direction.  They didn’t show this, which is unfortunate, but when the guys built our shelter, they finished off the women’s side first.  They let us sleep on it, and they finished off the men’s the next day. …  He’s a true southern gentleman and I really enjoyed my time with him.


Question: Is Dan a dark horse to win this game?  Can he keep sliding through the cracks?  Does he have a shot?

Jillian Behm: Sure does.  You see it every season where somebody is completely underestimated and all of a sudden they pop up in the finals.  They haven’t backstabbed anybody and all of a sudden everybody hates him the least.  Yeah.  Sure.  It’s sort of a strategy by default.  I don’t think anybody goes into the game and says, “I’m going to be incompetent.”  Sometimes it works out that way.

Question: What are you going to be for Halloween?

Jillian Behm: Anonymous.


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