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The Amazing Race: The Racers Slug Manure In Russia

October 31, 2010 06:26 PM by Allyson Wells


This week on The Amazing Race, the teams that have been in last place have a chance to even the playing field when they all end up on the same flight to St. Petersburg, Russia.  The racers have a very tough road block trying to decipher film and music.  They then have to wear women’s clothing and slug manure, even the men!  Some of the racers are helpful with one another, while others try to sabotage the other teams.  Who will get ahead and who will end up eliminated and covered in manure?

Nat and Kat are the first team to depart, since they finished first on the last leg.  They learn they must fly to St. Petersburg, Russia.  They laugh that they are used to being in a male-dominated world and beating up on the boys.  At the train office, they learn the next train departs in the morning, so all of the teams end up on the same train.  On the train, Mallory says she loves spending time with her dad.  Nat and Kat say they love hanging out with Brook and Claire.

When the teams arrive at the train station, they all get taxis.  Chad and Stephanie struggle to find a taxi and he yells it is because she was late getting ready that morning.  She retorts, “Everything is always my fault.”  At the airport, they discover all the racers all are on the same flight.

When the teams arrive in St. Petersburg, they all marvel at the history of the city.  Nick likes that they don’t tear down all their old buildings.  The teams discover their road block:  classical music or classical cinema.  They can either listen to three classical pieces on a gramophone and pick out the pianists that are playing them or go to a film studio and decipher a film strip.


Michael and Kevin head for the cinema challenge with Jill and Thomas while the rest of the teams choose the classical challenge.  The teams struggle with the classical music challenge.  They all sounded the same and mentally exhausting.  Vicki thinks is sounds like a bad dream.  The longer the teams stay, the more confused they get.  Mallory tells Gary she wished he had a decent ear.  They decide to go to the film studio.  Nat and Kat also follow, but Stephanie tells Chad they need to finish the classical challenge.  Stephanie tries to stay positive as he self-destructs.  Stephanie asks if he wants to leave, but he says, why bother, they are already done.  They two continue to argue.  Stephanie asks him to sit back and let her take the lead.  They are thrilled when they finally get it right!


Thomas manages to find the film strip quickly and he and Jill race to Palace Square for their next clue.  Brooke and Claire arrive as they are leaving.  Brook finds the strip and puts her and Claire in second place.  Michael and Kevin realize the words at the top are the clue and take off in third place. 

Gary and Mallory arrive at the film studio and begin to go through the film strips.  Nat and Kat and Nick and Vicki also arrive and quickly start to go through the strips.  Nat and Kat figure it out first.   Mallory figures the strip out for their team and wishes Nick and Vicki luck before taking off.  Nick wonders if they should go back to the piano.  They decide to go back to the music.  They find the challenge much more simple the second time around.  They are thrilled when they finish.  Vicki thinks the entire race is a great learning experience for their relationship.

At Palace Square, the teams must travel to a small town.  Jill and Thomas get lost, but Brook and Claire get there first.  The road block tells them they must become babushkas and wear traditional Russian clothing, plant fifty rows of potatoes and fertilize with manure.  Brook volunteers to do the road block and laughs that the clothing accentuates her curves.  Michael and Kevin arrive and Kevin takes the challenge.  Michael laughs at Kevin in his ladies clothes.  Jill and Thomas finally arrive and she does the challenge for the team.  Kevin finishes his last potato and skips off.   One of the babushkas says of Brook and Jill, “Those skinny girls can do anything.”


Michael and Kevin take off for St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the largest Russian orthodox cathedral in the city, which is the pit stop for the race.  Jill and Thomas end up in first place.  Phil informs them that they win a trip for two to Brazil.  Thomas is thrilled they can rely on one another.  Michael and Kevin struggle to find Phil.  They end up at the finish line right behind Brook and Claire in third place. 

Nat offers to do the challenge for her team, as Stephanie does it for hers.  Nat hears Stephanie asking for help but doesn’t help her.  Mallory takes the challenge for her team.  She runs around looking for the potato field and can’t find it!  She does find a man who invites her in for some vodka, though.  Stephanie throws the shovel in the back so the next person will have to struggle in the manure.  Mallory finally reaches it, and loses her shoe in the manure.  She laughs that it was a very special moment. 

Nat and Kat are thrilled when they learn they are in fourth place.  Chad and Stephanie arrive seconds before Gary and Mallory in fifth and sixth place.


Nick and Vicki finally arrive at the Russian village and Nick dons the women’s clothing for the team.  He laughs that the locals pose for pictures with him.  The two have a feeling that they are in last place, but are so happy with what they experienced.  Phil informs them it is a non-elimination leg and they will get to race again!  The two think they will end up coming out on top at the end of The Amazing Race.

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