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Dancing With The Stars: Week Seven Performances

November 01, 2010 07:26 PM by Lisa Princ


Dancing With The Stars on ABC is back tonight as they celebrate their 200th episode. This week, past winners and fan favorites come back to sit in the judges’ seat. How will the couples fare with the additional pressure this week? Keep reading to find out!

ABC’s Dancing With The Stars kicks off tonight for their 200th episode celebration with team dance performances. Former winners Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno would be guest team captains, helping the teams but sitting out the actual performance. Kristi’s team consisted of Rick and Cheryl, Kyle and Lacey and Bristol and Mark. Apolo’s team consisted of Jennifer and Derek, Brandy and Maks and Kurt and Anna. Each team would be judged by all three judges and the total score would be added to each couple’s solo score later on.

First up was Kristi’s team who performed the cha cha cha to Michael Jackson’s “Working day and night” and they all did a great job, but in my opinion Bristol looked extremely out of place, I just don’t see her getting much better. The judges liked the performance and gave the team a 24 total score. Then it was time for Apolo’s team who performed the cha cha cha to “Bust a move” and they all blew it away, even Kurt seemed to step up his game much more than last week. They scored a 27 for their performance from the judges. Next it was time for the individual performances, and here is how they did:

Brandy and Maks Chmerkovskiy
Brandy and Maks iconic dance will be Gilles Marini’s steamy Foxtrot from season eight. Brandy expressed how much she wanted to win during rehearsals, but she was having troubles with them steaminess. However, she had no problems on the floor as this pair definitely steamed up the room, once again. Gilles was blown away by their performance and Len even commented that they had just witnessed the best Foxtrot this season despite a minor mistake. This pair also got a 10 but not from Gilles, it was from Len! They scored a 37 and with their additional 27 from the team performance, giving them a 64 on the board this week.

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke
Rick and Cheryl’s iconic dance was season five winner, Helio Castroneves’ Quickstep. Rick was thrilled to try and add some fun to his routine and during rehearsals, Rick’s girlfriend Eliza stopped by to help him loosen up. While Rick did not come out in a banana suit, he did look to fit the part in a green suit complete with green hat that ended up on Len’s head. Rick definitely stepped up his game, had a great dance and had the best performance of the season for him thus far. They earned their best score of the season with 9′s across the board and a ten from Helio. This gave them a 37 and then their additional 24 from the team performance put them at a 61 for the evening.


Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough
Jennifer and Derek’s iconic dance was season two winner, Drew Lachey’s perfect scoring Tango. Jennifer had another break down during rehearsals because her body was not cooperating – even her doctor told her to slow it down and pace herself. Despite her physical problems, Jennifer looked much better this week as she blew this one away. She showed so much passion in this dance, and even Drew loved it and Bruno commented that they could definitely go all the way. Drew Lachey gave them a 10 and the judges them 9′s across the board. Their total came to 37 with the team performance score of 37 gives them a 64 for a tie for first place with Brandy and Maks.

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer
Kyle and Lacey’s iconic dance was Mel B’s season five Paso Doble. During rehearsals, Kyle was quite comical showing off his “Situation” abs drawn on his abs with marker. Lacey came out on fire and Kyle quickly followed her as the pair blew this one away as shocking as it may seem, Kyle performed almost as great as Maks did on the original. Even Mel B was blown away by their strong performance, giving them a 10 for her score. They earned a 35 from the judges, with the additional 24 from their team dance, giving them a total of 59.

Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya
Kurt and Anna’s iconic dance was Emmitt Smith’s season three Tango. Kurt was excited to perform a fellow NFL player’s routine, but he struggled with rehearsals. Kurt look much more polished this week as his performance was much better than last week. Emmitt loved the performance as he commended Kurt on how great he looked and also gave them a 10. Even Bruno and Len commented on how much improvement he had made since last week, and this pair earned a 34 this week, with the additional 27 from their team dance, giving them a total of 61 on the scoreboard.


Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas
Bristol and Mark’s iconic dance was Kelly Osbourne’s Viennese Waltz from season nine. Mark and Bristol were hoping this dance would prove that Bristol could be expressive and make it far. Bristol looked stunning this week donning a floor length pink gown, and she did do good but she still look stiff and a little emotionless almost like she was holding back. The first pair to not get a 10 from their guest judge, they still earned a 33, with the additional 24 from the team performance gave them a total of 57.

That means that this week on the Dancing With The Stars leader board, both Brandy and Maks as well as Jennifer and Derek are tied for first place with 64 points. Meanwhile, Mark and Bristol are in last place with 57 points, followed by Kyle and Lacey with 59. Now it’s up to you, go vote, vote, vote! Remember, after what happened last week, no one is safe so be sure to vote for your favorites and tune in tomorrow at 9 pm EST for the live results show.

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