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The Biggest Loser: Boot Camp Week!

November 02, 2010 06:05 PM by Lisa Princ


There’s no game play this week on The Biggest Loser on NBC, but instead the contestants will be working out like Marines with The Marines as they head to Camp Pendleton. How will the contestants handle the added pressure? Keep reading to find out!

NBC’s The Biggest Loser kicks off this week as Ali Sweeney sends the remaining contestants to Camp Pendleton to train for a week with the Marines. Upon arriving, they are already struggling hiking to the barracks and the workouts haven’t even begun. After some workouts with the Marines, Ali is back to issue their endurance challenge in which the Marines would also be a part of. Their challenge would be Marine related and the winning team would end up getting rewarded with phone calls to home.

For the challenge, the contestants had to carry weighted back packs in which Ali advised them that may distribute the weight in them any way they wanted to. The blue team stuck with evenly distributed weight while the black team decided to give the guys more weight and the girls less. They had to hike, then carry an “injured’ marine (who was not really injured) as well as push a Marine vehicle. The blue team was ahead the entire time, but got a huge advantage when Elizabeth dropped to the ground from an asthma attack. Elizabeth ended up fine though and the blue team got their phone calls from home.

Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels were not present most of the week, but they were able to get in one last chance workout with the contestants. Both Bob and Jillian feared the contestants would not have a good weigh in due to the poor food choices at Camp Pendleton and they had reason to worry – below is how the contestants fared at the weigh in.


Blue Team

from 398 lbs to 384 lbs for a total loss of 14 lbs

from 244 lbs to 240 lbs for a total loss of 4 lbs

from 244 lbs to 242 lbs for a total loss of 2 lbs

from 296 lbs to 297 lbs for a gain of 1 lb

From 336 lbs to 329 for a total loss of 7 lbs

Blue Team’s total loss of 26 lbs (1.71%)

Black Team

from 283 lbs to 281 lbs for a total loss of 2 lbs

from 211 lbs to 204 lbs for a total loss of 7 lbs

from 302 lbs to 298 lbs for a total loss of 4 lbs

from 213 lbs to 214 lbs for a total gain of 1 lb

from 294 lbs to 298 lbs for a total gain of 4 lbs

from 337 lbs to 330 for a total loss of 7 lbs

Black Team’s total loss of 15 lbs (.91%)

With this, the black team lost the weigh in, but Ada who had the highest percentage of weight loss on the team was safe. In the elimination room it was Anna who was voted out by all her team mates, as if we didn’t see that coming. In my opinion Elizabeth, who has not been able to carry her weight on the team should have been sent home. In any event, Anna is doing great at home and is now down 80 lbs. We look forward to seeing you at the finale Anna!

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