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America’s Next Top Model: The Models Move To Italy And Visit The Missoni Fashion House

November 03, 2010 06:24 PM by Allyson Wells

America's Next Top Model

This week on America’s Next Top Model, the remaining six models are whisked off to Italy for a high fashion photo shoot and visit to a fashion house.  The scorching heat and awkward shoot on a gondola boat proves to be very challenging for some of the models.  Tyra Banks reminds them that modeling is not always glamour.  Which of the models rise to the occasion and one step closer to Vogue Italia?

The top six models head back to the house from panel.  Liz can’t believe she’s still in the competition because her commercial was so bad.  When they get back to the house, Chris is thrilled to see her commercial on the screen.  Ann thinks her shyness and awkwardness is becoming a problem.  Miss J pops in to the house to visit.  He informs them they are going bike riding.  The models follow him on bikes to a bridge.  He tells them they will be diving off of a bridge into water for their next shoot.  All of a sudden, Tyra emerges on a gondola boat.  She informs the excited models that they are going to Venice, Italy immediately!  Ciao bella!  All of the excited models run home to pack. 

The models land in Italy and are super excited to be overseas in the fashion capital of Venice.  Jane notes that she loves being in the city because she is a history major.  The girls excitedly tour the beautiful city.  Chelsey thinks it is her last chance to make it big.  The models take in an Italian lunch and treat themselves to wine.  Ann think she’s feeling more comfortable around the girls and Kayla is very proud that Ann is coming out of her shell. 

The girls arrive at their very luxurious hotel.  The balcony has a breathtaking view of Venice.  Chelsey gets annoyed because Liz complains about everything and hopes she’ll get eliminated soon.  They go to sleep and wake up to Tyra mail that reads, “Don’t be seduced by your surroundings or you might fall overboard.”  Jay greets them on a gondola boat with famed photographer Simone Falcetta.  For their photo shoot, they are to create a look of three models vying for Casanova’s attention in a period piece.  Jay tells them it will be hot, but they need to work through it and own the garments.  Kayla is annoyed to have to interact with another male model, but says she will work through it.  A handsome Italian model named Mario emerges and many of the models are quite taken with him.  Jane feels confident about the shoot because of her knowledge of European history.  Chelsey thinks she has a leg up because Ann has been crashing and burning. 

Group 1 gets on the boat and consists of Chris, Kayla and Liz.  Liz complains about how hot it is.  Jay feels like Chris and Liz struggled to get into position in the beginning, but Kayla immediately found her comfort zone and was very soft and feminine.  Chris realizes that Kayla is getting her photo on and tries to step it up.  Liz complains when she is asked to move onto the hot part of the boat. 

America's Next Top Model

Group 2 consists of Jane, Chelsey and Ann.  Ann is a bit stressed at having to fight for Casanova’s attention.  Jay tells Ann she looks petrified.  Jay loves how engaged Chelsey is.  Jay thinks Jane looks the best he has ever seen her.  Jay tells Ann she is being upstaged and needs to show that she feels sexy.  Ann remains completely disconnected.  The rain begins to pour, and Chelsey notes that she saw Ann going downhill fast.  After the shoot, Jay tells the models that they are moving onto Milan, home of Vogue Italia. 

In Milan, the models are surprised at how small their new house is.  Kayla thinks it looks like her Grandma’s house.  Tyra sneaks in and surprises the girls.  She asks for a tour of their palace.  She shows them that some of the beds are pull out futons.  She tells them she chose the apartment because it is more like a model’s apartment, but much nicer.  She explains she had to share a bathroom with many other girls and modeling is not always glamorous.  She then reveals they will be visiting the Missoni fashion house before hugging the models good-bye. 

Liz calls her daughter when she has some downtime.  She cries that she can’t see her or touch her.  She wants to win for her baby girl. 

The models go to the Missoni Fashion House and Miss J introduces them Angela Missoni, the creative director of Missoni.  She instructs them to try on the high fashion clothes and walk for her.  Miss J then introduces them to Margherita Missoni, daughter to Angela and a fashion model and heiress to the Missoni brand.  She tells them she is in charge of their mission and instructs them to walk for her.  Miss J tells them that Margherita will see them at judging.

America's Next Top Model

The models head to panel and complain how hot it is.  They enter and Tyra is excited to see them wearing Missoni.  They first discuss the gondola photo shoot.  Jane, Ann and Chelsey are judged first.  Nigel thinks Chelsey looks stunning.  Tyra also loves Chelsey’s movement.  Nigel thinks Ann looks magical, but Tyra thinks Ann looks a bit stiff.  Ann admits she was uncomfortable at first.  Nigel thinks Jane was overdoing the shot, but Andre and Tyra think Jane blew the other two away with high fashion sensuality.  Chelsey almost passes out from being too hot.  Tyra asks them to sit on the runway so they don’t pass out.  Chris, Liz, and Kayla are judged next.  Nigel thinks Chris looks great alone, but not with the group.  Andre thinks she looks afraid.  Nigel likes Liz’s attitude in the picture but thinks she needs to commit more.  Andre is not excited by her stance.  Liz argues it was hard to balance on the gondola.  Nigel loves Kayla’s power and boasts that his eyes went straight to her in the picture.  The models leave to deliberate.

The judges discuss the models and love Jane’s energy.  Tyra thinks she was working it.  They think Chelsey was stunning.  Of course, they think Ann looks great but looked uncomfortable.  Andre thinks Chris was looking at a crow in her picture.  Andre thinks Liz looks terrible, but Tyra disagrees.  Margherita thinks Liz looks vulgar.  They all agree Kayla looks a million times better than she ever has.  The models return for the judges’ decision.  Tyra reveals that the winner of the top photo is Kayla.  Jane is the runner-up.  Chelsey gets third place.  Ann is called fourth, but Tyra tells her she is slipping.  Chris and Liz find themselves in the bottom two.  Tyra tells Chris she has a beautiful personality and she lights up a room, but her photos are not shining anymore.  Tyra tells Liz she is gorgeous and has strong bone structure, but she makes too many excuses.  Tyra reveals that Chris gets to stay.  Tyra hugs Liz and tells her she doesn’t have to win the competition to be a good mom and her life as a model is not over.  Liz cries that she is proud to have made it as far as she did on America’s Next Top Model and can’t wait to see her daughter.

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