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Survivor: Nicaragua — Libertad Is Born

November 03, 2010 06:53 PM by Ryan Haidet


After weeks of competing as two separate tribes, the 12 remaining contestants on Survivor: Nicaragua were merged into one.  Fitted with fresh, red buffs, Marty chose the new tribal name of “Libertad,” which stands for freedom and liberty.  But their is already chaos within the new tribe.

The merged group moved to Espada’s beach on day 19 where they opened a large treasure chest filled with their new buffs, food, rum and camp supplies.  They all cheered and celebrated as they chowed down the free feast provided to them as their reward for making it to the merge.

Brenda was especially happy to see NaOnka again after they were divided during the tribal swap.  Brenda said in a confessional that she likes NaOnka because she is the real deal.  The two went for a walk on the beach and they each dished the dirt about what has been taking place since they were divided from the original La Flor.


A New Bond & Nasty Feelings

While out collecting water for the tribe, Jane and Chase got to know each other and had an instant bond.  “She’s just a good, old lady,” Chase said.  She told him that she has been treated like the ugly duckling since the game started because of her accent.  Jane also felt a quick connection with Chase since they each recently lost a loved one — her husband and his father.

Back at camp, NaOnka woke up early that morning to cook breakfast tortillas for the group.  Irritable as usual, NaOnka took the flour, put it in her bag and stormed away from camp.  She felt like her tribemates were being stingy with the tortillas — so she buried the flour.  Once she got back at camp, she secretly stole some of the other food and supplies.  “It tastes better when you’re stealing it,” NaOnka said as she stuffed her mouth with fruit.  Not long after, Alina was let in on NaOnka’s thievery and joined in eating some of the fruit in secret.

Admitting Guilt

As Libertad sat in the shelter later that day, the group discovered lots of supplies and food were missing.  “That’s really uncool,” Jud said.  Holly rose to her feet and asked NaOnka if she put the flour back in the chest.  NaOnka tried to defend herself and said she put the flour back.  But Jud was upset with the situation because he didn’t understand why she even needed to put it in her bag in the first place.  In true NaOnka fashion, she stormed away from the camp once again.


After a discussion with Chase and Alina, NaOnka decided to admit what she had done.  But instead of claiming she stole the goods for herself, NaOnka said she took the stuff in an effort to help ration.  Marty didn’t believe her story whatsoever.

While this situation seemed like a good reason to take NaOnka out of the game next, Sash thought the exact opposite.  He said in confessional that keeping her around is the perfect plan, because he wants to bring her to the final three since nobody will throw a vote her way.  He thought it was a better idea to target Alina since she admitted to stealing food, too.

Battling For Immunity

In the first endurance challenge of the season — my personal favorites — the 12 castaways had to use small, metal handles to build tension on a bar in the middle.  The last man and last woman to keep their bar raised above the ground without it dropping would win Immunity.  This must have been much more difficult than it looked on television because everybody was dropping like flies.  Within the first few minutes of the competition, we lost several players including Kelly, Dan, Alina and Brenda.  Benry, Sash and NaOnka all dropped soon after.  When Holly dropped her bar, that gave Jane the Immunity victory.  But even though she had won, Jane didn’t want to drop out of the competition.  Instead, Jane asked host Jeff Probst if she could stay in the competition to prove she can beat the men.  And beat them she did.  Jane was the last person standing — even beating Jud a.k.a. “Fabio” who won Immunity as the last man in the competition.libertad-tribe-merged-buff-survivor-nicaragua-cbs

Once they got back at camp, everybody gathered around Jane and offered up big hugs of congratulations.  She said in confessional that she wanted to prove that she could outlast Marty in the challenge.

Two Targets

Strategy chatter started quickly as multiple people were discussing targeting Marty or Alina.  Sash went to Jane and Chase asking them to spare Marty from elimination because of the deal he made with the hidden Idol.  In case you forgot, Marty gave the hidden Idol to Sash in a promise for votes last week, which left Jillian eliminated.  But in that deal, Sash also promised to give Marty the Idol back if he didn’t win the next Immunity Challenge.

Marty and Alina both knew they were in trouble, so they started campaigning for votes.  At Tribal Council, Marty wanted to clear up a misconception.  He felt like Jane was making him out to be a bad guy.  Jane quickly interjected, “I approached you, and you all fluffed me off.”  Marty continued saying he felt like Jane is the most dangerous player to win the game because of her sad, personal story.  He offered up this warning: “If Jane makes it to the final three, I will cast my vote for this woman.”

The group also discussed the stolen food before casting their ballots.  One of the most interesting voting confessionals I’ve ever seen came from Benry as he casted his ballot against Alina.  He called her a “dirt squirrel.”  Huh?  What?  Where on earth did he get that?

When it was all tallied up, Alina was overwhelmingly voted out of the game with all but two ballots falling against her.  This isn’t the last we will see of Alina though.  She has become the first member of the jury.

11 contestants are left.


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