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The Biggest Loser: Anna Wright Surprised And Upset By Elimination

November 04, 2010 10:00 AM by Lisa Princ


On Tuesday’s episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC it was no shock to the viewers when the black team lost the weigh in and headed for the elimination room, that Anna Wright would be nominated as we assumed she would have been a few weeks ago. But it was an upsetting surprise for Anna, she reveals in a post elimination interview. Keep reading for all the details on what Anna had to say!

NBC’s The Biggest Loser‘s most recent eliminated contestant, Anna Wright said in a post elimination interview that while she felt like she had a target on her back, she was surprised that she was eliminated as she claims “I did feel a little comfortable because I saw Rick and Patrick were still there so that gave me a little bit of comfort but I knew there would be an issue with me coming in with such a big weight loss.” But we all saw it coming, in fact most of us thought it was coming two weeks ago when the black team showed some major game play and lost the weigh in for the sole purpose of gaining Patrick.

Anna Wright also went on to say she was upset because “I wanted to stay because I wanted more one-on-one with Jillian Michaels. As soon as I got there, pretty much we left and had to go to Camp Pendleton so I didn’t get that much time with Jillian; as much time as I really wanted with her. Even still, I wanted to be there a little bit longer at least but again, I knew that I had that target on me and once they got an opportunity they would try to get rid of me. As far as coming home and doing it at home, because I had experience of doing it at home that wasn’t really an issue; I need people to understand that the weight loss was so successful when I was at home because I was so determined to get on that ranch; being determined to get on there I didn’t want to leave!”

So far, Anna has lost 80 lbs and is continuing her journey at home. She shared that the biggest thing she took away from the ranch with her was “Just kind of on a physical repair aspect, and that was to make sure that I iced. I know that it seems so simple but it really helped with repairing. I’m up a lot and moving and doing a lot and I have to take the time to repair my body because there is no way I would have lasted up until this point having done everything I am doing if I didn’t even ice. Like I said, it’s small and simple but it is major.”

Be sure to tune in Tuesday at 8 PM EST for an all new two hour episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC!

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