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Top Chef: Just Desserts: Dannielle Kyrillos And Gail Simmons Dish Last Night’s Episode

November 04, 2010 12:00 PM by Lori Wilson


Last night’s episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts was an emotional one for at least two of pastry chefs who couldn’t seem to get it together. Judges Gail Simmons and Dannielle Kyrillos took to their blogs on Bravo to reflect on the edible bouquet and tea party challenges.

Upon losing the Quickfire Challenge to Morgan, Yigit claimed he would have won, had Morgan not broken one of his sugar vases. Gail Simmons backs up his prediction, as when asked about it on her blog, she states, “I would agree with him, because from what you saw they were modern, and beautiful, and that takes a lot of effort and a lot of knowledge to be able to pull that kind of work off. He probably would have won.”

Which celebrity couple would Gail have chosen for inspiration during the Elimination Challenge? “Maybe Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. Or Lucille Ball and Desi. Or if I wanted to do something a little more modern, maybe Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks characters from Mad Men. I know that they aren’t necessarily a couple, but they are a duo with a lot of style.”

Dannielle answered the same question on her blog: “I just watched, probably for at least the 34th time It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, so I am inspired to go with Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt. Sure, they never actually got it together as a traditional couple, but come on, they’re eight, and they clearly love each other.  What do you think all that football business is about? We only tease the boys we like.”

As for Yigit and Eric choking during the celebrity inspired tea party, Gail thinks Yigit needed to shake Heather’s elimination off, while Eric, “was just at the end of his rope. He was out of ideas. He had been beaten down a little bit in the Quickfire, and he didn’t come into this challenge with a clear head, he just froze.”


Dannielle echoed Gail’s latter statement, musing, “The two chefs on the bottom were the ones who had been set on using chocolate and couldn’t adapt…they let what should have been an annoying but surmountable surprise completely derail their efforts. They lost their confidence, and it snowballed throughout the day…they were tired, unsettled. and just beat down.”

In the end, Zac won with his Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards inspired desserts. Gail believes, “He won because his story came from the heart. He wasn’t randomly picking two people he really had no connection to, like Oprah or Kim Kardashian. He sincerely believed in his story and it was so well-executed: Blake Edwards as the pink macaron. Julie Andrews with the Captain von Trapp Crunch, and the spoonful of tarragon sugar. The flavors really carried through, and they were all the perfect sized bites. He thought about how we should eat them. He thought why they went together. It all just worked.”

Dannielle also praises Zac in her blog, saying, “I liked Zac’s Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards concoctions best, especially because they were each delicious on their own, but even better stacked and eaten together. That was a smart approach to a “duo” challenge. He really embraced the task on so many different levels.”

Did you agree with Dannielle and Gail? What did you think of Yigit and Eric’s meltdowns? Feel free to comment below.

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