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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Marshall-Spreirer Family and Kylie Minogue!

November 07, 2010 06:57 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team travels to Idaho to build a new home for a single mother with nine children. Jane Marshall-Spreirer not only battled cancer, but lost her former home to a fire. The family dog, Betsy, saved the family by alerting them. Kylie Minogue, who also battled breast cancer is supporting the cause tonight. Read on for the highlights…

Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition design team arrive at the local fire station where Betsy the dog is about to be honored for heroism. The Marshall-Spreirer family is overwhelmed to see Ty launch himself out of the bus with his megaphone. The builders and volunteers are also on the scene. They board the bus to visit the site of the former home, where the family has been living in a rental cottage, trailer, and tents in their backyard.

Jane shows Ty through the fire-damaged house which was burned from the bottom up. The design team spends time getting to know the children and their interests. Ty chats with Betsy the dog, and marvels at Jane’s constant drive to give back and do kind things for others in spite of her own difficult situation.

Ty decides he’ll take on Jane’s bedroom, and the rest of the duties are split between Paul, Jillian, and Ed. Ty announces that the demo this week is going to the dogs – literally! A group of dogs are brought to the site by volunteers. The family is contacted via video on their Kay West beach vacation to watch the ‘doggy demo’.  As Paul plays piano with a full symphony orchestra, the rest of the design team members assist the dogs in destroying the damaged house – including a dog named Molly who operates the excavator!


The building of the new home gets underway. It will be much larger than the original home to accommodate the size of the family.  Ty shows the design team a bunch of unplayable old musical instruments to make into ‘musical chairs’.

Ty is working on creating a bed for Jane out of old doors from the former house. He also plans to do something special for Betsy the dog.

Down in Key West, the kids have been given an assignment to write down some words about their mom on music sheets. When they are delivered to Ty in Idaho, he puts them behind glass and they will go in Jane’s bedroom.


The house is really coming together. Jillian sends Ed over to get some appliances at Sears. When he returns to the build site, he has to figure out how to get the suspension bridge he’s designed for one of the boy’s rooms in through the upper window!

Soon, the very long stretch limo containing the Marshall-Spreirer family pulls up and the crowd of volunteers chants for the bus to be moved.  The sight of the new, big, blue house sends the family into emotional tears. They thank the builders and volunteers. The president of Idaho State University is there to offer full scholarships to the children!  The family, along with Betsy, go inside to check out the new house.


Ty comes in after them to see how they like it. Betsy barks and everyone laughs. The design team joins them and they check out the ‘musical chairs’. Paul tells the family that Beneful is donating a five-year supply of dog food for Betsy. The children go to see their new bedrooms – they’re overwhelmed by the fantastic rooms which include bunkbeds, an indoor/outdoor patio, rock-climbing wall, and a man-cave for the 19 year-old son! The eldest daughter is stunned to receive a new cello. Hers was damaged in the fire.

Jane checks out her room with ensuite bath and is stunned to see all of the love notes on sheet music from the children mounted behind glass on the walls. She gets choked up reading them with Ty. Betsy is brought in, and Ty pulls out Betsy’s very own bed from underneath Jane’s! Last, the family sees their new family room.

Back outside, Ty proudly introduces the family to popstar, Kylie Minogue, who performs live for the family and volunteers! Jane calls it a perfect ending to a perfect week!

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Photos Courtesy: ABC

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