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Kell on Earth: Kelly Cutrone Joins Dr. Phil

November 07, 2010 02:00 PM by Shayla Perry


Though we’re still mourning the cancellation of Bravo’s Kell on Earth, it looks like Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution has made her official return to TV, and it’s surprisingly with none other than Dr. Phil! How did Kelly do her first week on the job? What’s her role on the daytime talk show? We’ve got all the details!

After news that her show on Bravo, Kell on Earth, was being canceled, Kelly Cutrone took to Twitter, telling fans that she would soon be returning to television in a scripted show. What?!

We were even more surprised after Cutrone announced that she would be joining Dr. Phil on his day time talk show. Double what?!

This week, Cutrone made her debut as a correspondent for Dr. Phil, dishing out some tough love, as only Kelly can, on some pretty spoiled twenty-something girls.

How did she do?

Erica, a 27-year-old law school student who is fully supported by her parents, has a housekeeper, does her grocery shopping at her parents’ house because there are no “healthy, organic restaurants” in Houston, and has hopes of being a reality TV star, was sent to work with Cutrone at People’s Revolution for a day.

After Erica showed up to work in a tiara (you can only imagine how that went over with Kelly), Cutrone let her and her mother know that the girl is a product of her environment and a “victim of her privilege.” Pretty fancy talk there Kelly!

But the absolute highlight of the show was Cutrone going off on 27-year-old Josie and her mother! Cutrone lashed out at the self-proclaimed Jewish American Princess who poked at the fact that Kelly wasn’t married. Kelly let Josie know that she doesn’t need a man, that she runs her own successful company, and that at 27, Josie’s going to have a hard time serving as “arm-candy” for someone in Hollywood, suggesting that she hit the gym!

And thus, a new day-time hero was born.

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