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The Amazing Race: Russian Circus And Peter The Great!

November 07, 2010 09:08 PM by Lisa Princ


The Amazing Race is back tonight on CBS and the fun continues in Russia as the teams are asked to solve a Russian mystery and find the tomb of Peter the Great. There will be plenty of fun and drama as the teams hit the Russian circus as well. Keep reading for all the details!

CBS’s The Amazing Race kicked off tonight as the teams headed to the Russian circus. Once there, they had to choose between either balancing plates with the circus clowns or learning songs on the accordion. Once they were able to either balance 10 spinning plates on sticks with the clowns or learn three songs to perfection on the accordion, they would be given their next clue. Brook and Claire were the first team finished spinning ten plates, followed by Nat and Kat who finished the accordion challenge. Nick and Vicki were next to finish the plate spinning, while Jill and Thomas were really struggling. They struggled so much in fact that they decided to call it quits and try the accordion instead. Meanwhile, Michael and Kevin finished up the plates, followed by Gary and Mallory who chose to learn the accordion instead, and they actually a blast doing it!

Jill and Thomas could not get it together on the accordion and tried once again to get the plate spinning down. As it came down to them and Chad and Stephanie who were learning the accordion as well, Jill and Thomas finished up their plate spinning first, leaving Chad and Stephanie in last place. The teams were then headed to a bridge for their next clue which clearly stated that they could not drive, but must walk to the next building they were looking for. They were allowed to ask folks on the street for information, but could not ask their taxi driver. They were headed to a tower which would give them their next clue. Michael and Kevin were clearly not following directions and hopped in their taxi to get there. Nick, Vicki, Nat and Kat were the first one there however and after finding the clue that would take them to a palace, they decided not to share that information with any of the other teams. Instead, Nick lied to them in hopes to gain a head start and make them all find the clue on their own.


Nat and Kat ended up taking their taxi over there as well, even though they were asked not to, however they caught their mistake upon reading the clue again and had the driver take them back to start over and they ran instead. Michael and Kevin, annoyed that Nick lied to them once again hopped into their taxi – I wonder if they even read that part? Upon reaching the chapel the teams were given their next clue in which they needed to find the tomb of Peter the Great. After asking locals, they all eventually figured out that Peter was buried in Peter and Paul fortress. When they got to the fortress, they had to try their hand at a game of Russian bowling, where they had to knock some sticks over with a large bat. While most of the teams completed this fairly quickly, Michael and Kevin struggled more than any other team with this feat. Nat and Kat finished first which sent them to the end of the race for the day and into first place.

Brooke and Claire ended up in second place while Nick and Vicki came in third tonight on The Amazing Race. Gary and Mallory ended up in fourth, followed by Jill and Thomas. As both Michael and Kevin as well as Chad and Stephanie struggled with the game, Michael and Kevin finished up first, however they also went back to get their bags before heading to the finish line. Chad and Stephanie decided to ditch their bags and just go for it and it paid off as they came in 6th place leaving Michael and Kevin, who struggling with paying their taxi bill in last place and this week’s eliminated team.

Be sure to catch a brand new episode of The Amazing Race on CBS next week!

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