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The Biggest Loser: Bob Harper’s Live Double Elimination

November 09, 2010 08:16 PM by Lisa Princ


The Biggest Loser on NBC is back for two hours as normal tonight after last week’s Camp Pendleton special. Tonight we will have a double elimination revealed by none other than Bob Harper! If you think you know who gets sent home, you may want to rethink that. Keep reading for all the details!

NBC’s The Biggest Loser kicks off this week as Bob Harper takes us to the family and friends of the eliminated players this week trying to give us clues. Then it’s back to the ranch where Ali Sweeney reveals that the contestants will no longer be competing as black versus blue teams. However, she quickly fills them in that they will be competing in pairs this week and two people will be eliminated and one of the contestants will be choosing the teams at dinner later that evening. While sitting around together, Lisa reveals that she still unsure she wants to be there – and now no one is sure they want to be paired with her!

Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels then meet the contestants in the gym for a vigorous workout. Jillian is ticked about the weight gain from last week and Bob pulls a few contestants aside to work them even harder. While working out with Patrick, Ada and Brendan, Bob comically tells Brendan he has been waiting for weeks to “kick his ass” again, but it was not so comical to Brendan who was doing all the work! Meanwhile, Lisa and Elizabeth bonded and decided that they wanted to be paired up and shared this with the others.

Next up on The Biggest Loser, Ali meets the contestants for dinner which is actually a temptation to determine who will choose the teams. Both Brendan and Aaron decided that they would give in and play the game, but towards the end, Brendan asked Aaron to quit, assuring him he would give him whomever he wanted to be paired with. Brendan wound up winning by eating 3,500 calories and he wound up choosing the pairs. He stayed true to his word and paied Aaron with Jesse, whom he wanted as well as Lisa and Elizabeth. He also paired up Frado and Mark as well as Ada and Jessica, who were not too happy to be paired together. Brendan himself ended up with Patrick which was his plan the entire time.


After another clue from Bob Harper on who one of our eliminated contestants may be, which was a baby photo that really could have been anyone, Ali was back with the challenge. This week the pairs would have to stack sugar cubes one by one up to five feet high. The winners would get an expense paid trip for themselves and three guests to The Biggest Loser resort. Surprisingly, Ada and Jessica formed a bond and kicked the guys buns in this challenge as they wound up winning. Later on, Bob had a heart to heart with Lisa, whom he felt forgot the reason she came to the ranch in the first place. After their last chance workout with Bob and Jillian, it was time to weigh in and here is how our pairs did tonight.

Aaron and Jesse
lost a total of 20 lbs (Aaron -4, Jesse -16) together (2.94%)

Jessica and Ada
lost a total of 18 lbs (Jessica -12, Ada -6) together (4.05%)

Lisa and Elizabeth
lost a total of 16 lbs (Lisa -8, Elizabeth -8) together (3.52%)

Brendan and Patrick
lost a total of 37 lbs (Patrick -19, Brendan -18) together (5.89%)

Frado and Mark
lost a total of 30 lbs (Mark -12, Frado -18) together (4.82%)


This meant that both Aaron and Jesse as well as Lisa and Elizabeth were up for elimination tonight. In a ridiculous game play move both Mark and Frado as well as Patrick and Brendan voted for Aaron and Jesse, instead of the two girls who don’t even want to be there. Ada and Jessica voted for Lisa and Elizabeth but with only one vote for them it was Aaron and Jesse who were eliminated. At the elimination table, Jesse who had thought he developed a friendship with Patrick made it known to everyone that he was hurt and betrayed, and that from anyone else he would not take it personal, but from Patrick it was taken personally.

Bob Harper was then live to visit Aaron and Jesse. First up at Aaron’s house, when Bob walked through the door, Aaron was barely recognizable. After speaking with Aaron and his wife for a few moments about how the show changed Aaron’s life, Bob brought a surprise to Aaron’s house and that surprise was Jesse. Jesse also looks incredible and he told Bob how much learned from the show and from Bob. While they didn’t give us exact losses on these two, you can tell they have both lost a lot of weight and they look so much healthier and happier – kudos to Aaron and Jesse for sticking with it!

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