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The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection: A Fashion Emergency

November 09, 2010 09:54 PM by Lori Wilson


Things get off to a quick start in the first episode of The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection on Bravo, as the designers are told to arrive with a garment that best represents them. Upon arrival, each designer must choose a sewing kit which contains a number and they are paired with a model. The designers then immediately dress their models for the first fashion show of the season right off the bat.

The designers watch the impromptu fashion show and are then welcomed by Iman to The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection. Iman tells them their first challenge is to use her as their muse – her story, her style and her “bubbly, but prickly personality.”

Iman explains the numbers they received will divide them into teams – odds and evens – as they are forming two fashion houses. Each fashion house has to create a great look inspired by Iman, that will fit in with the rest of their house’s collection. The fashion show producer, Stefan, will bring their vision to life with lighting, props etc. They are informed they will also be meeting with Isaac Mizrahi to present their ideas to him.


The designers then collaborate with their teams to choose a name and concept. They come up with House of Nami (Iman spelled backwards) and House of Emerald Syx (because they are starting with six designers). Isaac Mizrahi then meets with each team and offers his advice and critique of their designs. He seems to like Nami’s ideas, but he feels Emerald Syx isn’t very cohesive. Emerald Syx’s Calvin seems to have the hardest time working as a team and is the early stand out diva.

After shopping for their fabrics and getting settled in their new digs for the season, the designers begin the next day working on their garments. House of Nami chooses a white color theme, while Emerald Syx opts for a lot of yellow. As both teams work under pressure, it comes out that Emerald Syx’s Cindy and Golnessa, who get along extraordinarily well and agree on everything, are actually business partners in the outside world. Meanwhile, Calvin continues to be high maintenance and catty, but does offer to help Francine. He sews her ruffles, but she doesn’t like the job he does so she is forced to redo them, putting her behind. Over in House of Nami, the very experienced Caesar gets done with his garment quickly and generously helps the rest of his team.

The day of the fashion show the designers run around backstage, putting on their finishing touches. Francine gets upset about the direction her team’s makeup has taken and gets into a yelling match with Calvin, marking the first rivalry of The Fashion Show. As the show eventually gets under way, Isaac, Iman, Laura Brown from Harper’s Bazaar and designer Rachel Roy judge the collections.


When the show is over, House of Nami is praised for their cohesion and is deemed the winner of the challenge, which actually seems pretty obvious when stacked up against Emerald Syx. Isaac thinks House of Nami’s collection looks like one person designed it and represents six sides of Iman. Isaac and Iman praise each designer of House of Nami, but the ultimate winner of the challenge is Caesar, who Iman says captured her elegant side. If he makes it to the finale, he will get an extra $500 for his collection.

House of Nami is excused, while House of Emerald Syx must face all four judges. They are told their collection isn’t very cohesive and the judges dissect each design. The most passionate critique goes to Calvin as he argues with the judges, in particular Iman, who calls his design a fashion emergency that needs an evacuation. The judges deliberate and then decide Calvin and Francine (whose design Iman feels belongs in an mall and not on her) have the worst designs. The first rivalry of The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection is already squashed, as Francine is deemed to be out of fashion and is the first designer to leave. Something tells us Calvin will have plenty of other designers to butt heads with though.

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