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America’s Next Top Model: The Models Visit Versace And Lake Como In Italy

November 10, 2010 07:22 PM by Allyson Wells

America's Next Top Model

On America’s Next Top Model, five models remain and must start to get booked for jobs.  While in Italy, the models are challenged to go on four casting calls, one including Versace.  When most of the models only succeed in going on one casting call, an annoyed Tyra Banks reminds them they must be more competitive.  They are then shot on beautiful Lake Como as statues by judge Nigel Barker.  Jane struggles to show any real emotion and Chris has a difficult time focusing due to her injured foot.  Will this find them in the bottom two and ultimately eliminated?

In their Italian house, the models return home from panel and Chris laments being in the bottom two.  She knows she has to be amazing going forward.  Kayla doesn’t think Chris wants to win as much as the other models.  Jane calls her mom and tells her she is in Italy.  Jane is genuinely shocked she has made it as far as she has.

Tyra Mail arrives telling the models to make a good impression.  They realize they will be going on casting calls.  Chelsey thinks this is her chance to shine because she has gone on calls before.  All the models start to redo their portfolios.  Ann is worried about going on calls because she is so quiet in social situations.

The models go to ING and meet with Tyra.  Tyra wants to go through their portfolios and give them instruction in how to properly organize them.  Kayla thinks she will do very well with her appointments.  Chelsey thanks Tyra for her instruction.  Tyra admits it took awhile for her to get it together.  The models feel armed and ready to go and Tyra asks them to make her proud. 

The models then meet with the ING representatives, who give them directions on where to go for four appointments.  The models are stunned and thrilled to learn that Versace is one of the stops!  The models are instructed to be back by 6:30 and only use public transportation.  Chris and Jane decide to team up and go straight to Versace.  Chelsey and Kayla team up, and Ann tags along with them.  Jane and Chris find Versace with ease, while the other models struggle.  The Versace representative thinks that Jane needs to work on her walk and thinks that Chris looks like a model from the eighties.  He thinks Chesley’s look was from two seasons ago and that Kayla would not look good in the show.  He thinks Ann is perfect.  After Versace, Chelsey splits from the other girls to work on her own.  Kayla ends up getting lost and winding back up at Versace.  Jane and Chris decide to quit and go back to ING.  Chelsey finds another casting call.  The director thinks Chelsey could be perfect.  Ann can’t find anything and sits down and cries.  Kayla can’t find her way back to the house. 

At ING, the models are informed that their performance was unacceptable.  Chesley wins the challenge because she made it to two calls.  At the house, she has a present from Versace.  it is a beautiful Verace jacket.  Tyra mail arrives and the girls think the photo shoot has something to do with statues.

America's Next Top Model

The models head to a villa at Lake Como.  Nigel and Jay are waiting on them.  Nigel informs them that he will be the photographer and shooting them as statues coming to life by a sculptor.  Ann loves the theme of art and thinks she will do well.  Jane is the first statue to go. Jay asks her what she feels passionate about and asks her to focus on that.  Nigel asks her to come alive and tells her he isn’t feeling the lust.  Jane continues to struggle and gets teary.  Jay pulls her aside and advises her not to be so perfect because it can be boring.  Chelsey is next and they think she looks fabulous.  Ann is next and Jay thinks that Ann did awesome because it was an artsy shoot.  Kayla’s shoot goes well and Jay is very impressed with her poses.  Jay wants to hug her, but laughs he doesn’t want the makeup all over him.  Chris limps up to the shoot and promises her injured foot won’t stop her from nailing the shoot.  Jay is very impressed with her moves, but notes that the pain took over.  Nigel advises her to embrace the pain and work with it.  Nigel thinks Chris acted like she was over it. 

America's Next Top Model

Back at the house, the models get a message that panel will be on the following night.  Ann thinks that anything could happen.  Chris complains about her foot, and Chelsey thinks she doesn’t want it that bad.  Jane worries she can’t present herself better and Kayla thinks Jane will be in the bottom two.

The models arrive at panel.  Kyle Hagler, a manager at ING, is the guest judge.  Kayla is the first to be judged.  Kayla admits she only made it to one go-see because she got lost.  Nigel thinks her best photo was one of the top poses of the models.  Chelsey is next and says she only made it to two go-sees because she was lost.  Nigel admits Chelsey was a surprise and he loved shooting her.  Andre wishes her neck had been more elongated.  Chris is next and Nigel thinks she did a good job, but she acted like she was over it.  Ann is next and Tyra reveals that Versace would have hired her.  Nigel tells her that her photo was good, but she doesn’t emote and is too quiet.  Kyle tells her she needs a personality.  Andre thinks Ann is high fashion.  Jane is the last to be judged.  The judges like the lower half of her body, but the top half has no emotion.  Nigel tells her she was very stiff and thinks her tears at the end of the shoot prove that her emotion is there.  Jane begins to cry in panel and says she has a personality.  Kyle asks her to be more comfortable showing her personality.  Tyra reminds them that Top Model is a competition and they must make it to every casting.

The judges deliberate and think Kayla did great at the shoot.  Kyle thinks Kayla has an international look.  They continue to worry about Ann connecting with people.  Kyle could see her in high fashion, but not commercial because she lacks the confidence.  Nigel thinks Chelsey was good and going for it.  Kyle thinks Chelsey offers a lot of possibilities.  Tyra loves Chris’s picture and Kyle thinks she has a big personality.  Andre thinks she is the next Wanda Sykes, not fashion model.  Nigel worries that Jane isn’t developed enough.  Tyra wonders how long it will take her to come out of her shell.  Kyle thinks it will take more time than she has left in the competition.

America's Next Top Model

The models return to find out who makes it on to the final four.  Tyra reveals that Kayla won best picture of the week.  Chelsey is the runner-up.  Ann is in third place.  Tyra reminds her to work on her personality to be memorable.  Jane and Chris are in the bottom two.  Tyra tells Chris she started strong, but the judges feel that she is less invested.  Tyra thinks Jane takes strong photos but has a lacking personality.  Tyra reveals that Jane gets to stay and Chris is eliminated.  Tyra tells her that she showed them some personality in panel, but she has to step it up to remain in the competition.  Tyra hugs Chris and tells her market is more commercial and advises her to get into some acting classes.  Chris hugs everyone good-bye and says she will leave and do it all in any direction she can.

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