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Hell’s Kitchen: Black Jackets Emerge Tonight!

November 10, 2010 08:29 PM by Lisa Princ


Hell’s Kitchen on FOX is back tonight after a few weeks off. In this all new 2 hour episode Gordon Ramsay returns with a bang as he decides he is done giving second chances and starts throwing contestants out of the kitchen left and right in his hunt for the final six. Keep reading to find out who got black jackets and who was sent packing!

Chef Gordon Ramsay kicks off Hell’s Kitchen on FOX where he left off last time, pulling Trevor to the chopping block. However, as assumed earlier it was not to send Trevor home, but instead Chef Ramsay put Trevor back on the men’s team. Then he declares a battle of the sexes as he gives the chef’s their first challenge, which is a blind taste test.

The blue team got off to a great start with the blind taste test challenge, but the red team was very close. Only Sabrina and Rob were the only two to miss all four items much to Chef Ramsay’s dismay. With the red team trailing, Nona quickly got three out of four correct pushing the ladies to the win, and winning Chef Ramsay’s approval for a near perfect palette. For their reward, the ladies got to go on a shopping spree and then accompanied Chef Ramsay to dinner. The men on the other hand were sent to sift through trash and then of course prep both kitchens for dinner service.

Dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen as usual was a complete nightmare. Neither team seemed to get it together and Gordon Ramsay finally had enough and begun to throw contestants out of the kitchen and back to the dorm. Nona was the first one as she decided to talk back to Chef Ramsay during his tirade, but she was quickly followed by most of the blue team, all but Trevor that was. After service, it was clear that the blue team was the losing team and Chef Ramsay asked Trevor to nominate two men from his team. Trevor nominated both Rob and Russell, even though Russell only made one mistake the entire evening. Chef Ramsay decided it was time to send Rob home as he just could not get it together.


In the second hour of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay was determined to test the team’s communication and cooking precision as he issued them a relay challenge. The teams would have 30 minutes to cook 3 dishes, with one team member cooking for five minutes and then passing the buck to the next team member. Both teams did fairly well with the communication, except for 2 mistakes, one by Trevor and one by Gail. In the end though Jillian dropped salmon all over the floor and it ended up costing the ladies as the men took the win and a shopping spree as well as a gourmet lunch dining experience. The ladies stayed behind to clean and prep and as usual Sabrina was her snide, lazy self.

When the blue team arrived back from their reward, Chef Scott informed all the contestants that they would be creating their own menu’s for dinner service the next night. But even with their own menu’s the teams still struggled. Vinny and Trevor had a late, booze filled night in the hot tub which in turn left them cooking dinner service with hangovers. While Trevor fared better out of the two, Vinny had a horrible service along with Gail, who did not once get her lobster properly cooked all night. At the end of service, Gordon Ramsay declared that neither team won, and since they would be getting black jackets tonight he asked that each person nominate one other person from either team who did not deserve to get a black jacket.


Later that night, the contestants returned to the kitchen with their votes. Russell was first up and voted for Vinny, while both Trevor and Vinny voted for Sabrina. The girls were unanimous in their votes for Trevor, but Gordon Ramsay was not buying it as Trevor was given the very first black jacket. One by one they all got black jackets – Sabrina included, until it was only Vinny and Gail left. After both pleading their cases Gordon Ramsay asked Gail for her jacket, only to hand her a black one. This meant that Vinny was being sent home for his bad night of service. Maybe it’s just me, but I think was the worst call by Gordon Ramsay to date as Sabrina should not have been in the final six at all, and Vinny has been consistent until now. Best of luck to both Rob and Vinny!

Hell’s Kitchen returns next week at a new time of 9 pm EST, so be sure to tune in!

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