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Survivor: Nicaragua — Schemes Unfold

November 10, 2010 08:12 PM by Ryan Haidet


Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua on CBS was the most revealing one of the season so far.  We as viewers got to learn a lot about the way strategies are unfolding and which players are actually using their brains instead of emotions.  But the most interesting stuff came during a dramatic Tribal Council that left host Jeff Probst speechless after NaOnka ranted about some of her tribemates.

Marty Concocts Plan

After calling Jane out for being a player to target soon, Marty felt like he had cleared the air even though several members of the newly merged Libertad tribe thought he was being a bully.  Thinking strategically, Marty started a plan in which he could flush NaOnka’s hidden Immunity Idol out while getting Jane voted out of the game at the same time.  He wanted everybody to openly say they were voting against NaOnka but actually cast their ballots against Jane.


Men Vs. Women

In the Reward Challenge, the teams were randomly divided into two separate groups — ironically splitting the teams by gender lines.  Chase was the only person not selected (since there is an odd number of players left) and was forced to sit out of the game.  But his involvement wasn’t totally dead.  He was given the opportunity to select the team he thought was going to win.  If they did, he would join them on Reward, which consisted of a Survivor barbecue after a zipline tour.  He gambled on the women.

The challenge involved a series of obstacles connected to the fable tale of the Three Little Pigs.  Playing the role of the Big Bad Wolf, the two teams had to burst through walls of straw, sticks and bricks with other smaller tasks in between.  Although it was a tight battle, the men won the challenge.  Chase looked down toward his feet as the guys erupted into cheers.


As Probst lined the teams up for a discussion after the challenge, Kelly S. started to cry saying she really wanted to win this Reward because of her desire for food.  Then Probst offered up an interesting idea — if the game is about relationships, anybody guy who wanted to give up their spot on the Reward would be allowed to do so.  Nobody took up the offer.  “We have 11 individuals playing this game,” Probst observed.  “Whatever alliances exist, they aren’t existing right now.  Not with a barbecue on the line.”

Fun & Food

Each of the guys hollered and cheered as they rushed down the zipline above the trees.  “It was a day for the boys,” Benry said in confessional.  Marty said the experience was exciting and he felt free.  Once that was all done, the five men chugged down some beers while cooking their barbecue feast.  Marty took that opportunity to push his plan to target Jane while flushing NaOnka’s hidden Idol.  Benry thought the plan was slick, and everybody seemed to be on board.

Back at camp, the women gave Chase a group hug as Holly said he really showed his true character by picking them to win.  But not everybody thought Chase was playing smart.  Brenda thought his move was stupid and proved he wasn’t making good decisions whatsoever.  As discussions of Marty quickly popped up at camp, Chase became part of a plan to target him at the next Tribal Council.

Bad Memories

Day 24 brought treemail for the Immunity Challenge, which was a simple game of memory.  It involved Probst showing the contestants a series of images, which the castaways then had to relay back in order on a cube.  The challenge only last two rounds before we had a winner.  It really showed the memories of these guys is really poor.  I didn’t think this challenge was that tough.  But remember, we don’t see everything about how this works.  We don’t know how much time Probst allowed to pass before he showed them the next image.

By the end of the second round, only two players were left standing — Marty and Brenda.  As Marty struggled to recall the final image, Brenda beat him and claimed Immunity.

Getting Dirty

After the challenge, Benry and Fabio agreed to just play stupid and let Marty’s plan work out.  Marty then started to work Chase and told him they were going to take out NaOnka for stealing the food.  But Chase was starting to catch on and told Holly he thought Marty was scheming.


At Tribal Council, Probst asked Marty more about his opinions on Jane.  Marty said he felt comfortable because he was just telling the truth.  NaOnka’s food-stealing incident came up once again.  Marty said it was a huge mistake for her to make in the game, which just opened up a can of NaOnka fury.  She fired off that she doesn’t like Marty while saying she hates his hair and his walk sucks.  “I can’t hate on his game, but I’m competing against Marty,” NaOnka said.

As he watched the situation unfold, Fabio started laughing while saying what NaOnka was saying made no sense.  Small jabs were tossed around between the three as Probst watched on in amusement saying he was speechless that NaOnka consistently gets away with nasty rants.

When it came time to vote, Jane really dipped to a new low while casting her ballot against Marty.  “You are a disgrace to every man who calls himself a father,” Jane said as she held up a vote with Marty’s name.  “There’s no way in heck I would allow my child or grandchild to come play with your children.  Plain and simple.”  This is simply ridiculous for her to say.  Come on.  It’s a game, and Marty is pretty tame compared to the brutal players we’ve seen in the past.  I’ve liked Jane so far this season because she is raw and real.  But this was truly a hurtful statement that should have been kept to herself.  Taking the game to a personal level is wrong.  Marty may very well be an excellent father.  She has zero clue about his real life outside of the game.  Way too nasty for somebody who is perceived as being nice.


After Marty cast his vote, he jokingly walked back in a goofy style — an obvious response to what NaOnka said about him a few minutes earlier.  She didn’t hold back and flipped him the middle finger.

When the votes were tallied, Marty was blindsided and became the second member of the jury.

10 are left in the competition.


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