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The Amazing Race: Michael And Kevin Discuss Their Elimination

November 10, 2010 08:30 AM by Allyson Wells


On the last episode of The Amazing Race, father and son team and fan-favorites Michael and Kevin were eliminated.  Michael and Kevin had previously survived last place in a non-elimination round and fought their way back up to finish in the top and middle in the legs to come.  However, penalties got the best of them and they could not fight their way back.  The popular team discuss their experience on The Amazing Race, what went wrong, some behind-the-scenes information, Kevin’s YouTube Channel and what is next for them.

Question: Did you guys really have no idea that you had broken the “no taxi” rule until you had gotten to the Pit Stop? Because it seemed like there were a couple different spots when some of the other teams had noticed actually noticed you had broken the rules and were talking about it.

Kevin: Yeah, we had no idea that we had broken any rules at the time. It was a surprise to us.

Question:  How did it feel when you found out?
Kevin: It was definitely heartbreaking. If you remember, we went up to Phil and we were smiling and thought we were safe, but when we heard we had not just one penalty, but two, there was confusion.

Question:  Did you have a glimmer of hope that Chad & Stephanie might take longer than an hour to pay their cab driver and you might be saved?

Kevin: The fact that they made us sit down and wait obviously meant that there was still a little bit of hope that something would happen but an hour is hard.  It’s a really long time.

Question: Why do you think you guys missed the “no taxi” information on the clues?

Kevin: Um, well the second penalty, this leg was different in the sense that, we had to solve a Russian mystery so we had to go location to location, and you know, after we were on top of that tower we weren’t really given another clue. So we assumed that the clue that we were given on that bridge is basically you know, after getting to our next destination on the tower we thought, you know, we walked to the tower and we knew it was part of the rules, but we didn’t know that we had to keep walking. Because when we were on that tower, that church building that we thought looked like it was five miles away, so in my mind I wasn’t even like, “Oh we need to walk there.”  I was just like okay, that seems really far we should just take a taxi. So that’s what happened.

Question:  What happened to you guys at the gorodki Roadblock task? You seemed to really struggle for awhile, then I don’t know if it was just the editing or if that’s how it really played out, but once you got the first formation, you seemed to blow through the second and third ones right away.

Michael: That’s a good question.  I was trying to figure it out myself last night as I was watching the TV. I don’t know, like Kevin said that leg is kind of different from others.  Too many clueboxes and I guess when we reached that part I was already pretty tired.  I was trying to do the best I could, but I don’t know it took me a long time to finally realize how to do it and through the whole process I was thinking, “Man, we should’ve picked Kevin to do this.”  I probably maybe kind of lost my concentration. The bottom line is I was not really concentrating.

Question: So did you actually get the last two [formations] as quickly as it looked on the show?

Michael: Yes, that’s true, I mean that’s what came as a surprise. It took me so long to do the first one and then in five minutes I knocked the rest.

Question: So, about how long were you there doing that Roadblock? I know at one point it seemed like Kevin was talking about over an hour, was that accurate?

Michael: It felt like more than an hour, of course — it was probably like an hour.

Kevin: It felt like an hour.  We don’t know the exact time, even like 30 minutes feels like an hour on The Amazing Race.

Question: Kevin, what was going on through your mind when Michael was struggling with that task? The broadcast seemed to show you thinking that you might be still in the Race if you had done it instead of him.

Kevin: That’s always in the back of your mind, like you know, if your partner is struggling with the Roadblock, you’re automatically going to think okay, “Maybe I should have done it — what would have happened if I did it.”  Obviously things were going on my head like that at the time.  You know, I tried not to get too frustrated… I mean we were the last to finish that Roadblock and even then we thought we were going to be safe. So, I mean it really was, when we did finish though it really was intense, and it was like us and Chad and Stephanie and we knew that. And you know, we thought we were going to be able to be safe but obviously the penalties kind of did us in.

Question: So in hindsight was the fact that you got hit with those time penalties kind of eliminate whatever second guessing you might of felt about the Roadblock? Did it kind of turn into a silver lining of sorts?

Michael: Right yeah, I think if Kevin did it, I think if Kevin did it we’d probably still be in the game.

Question:  Why didn’t Kevin do the roadblock? You said you wanted to even things out but considering there is a $1 million at the end…

Kevin: Yeah, just for the mere fact that we got there in second and I wanted to even it out in the sense that I’ve done four roadblocks, my dad has done two. If we wanted to win the million dollars I had to let my dad do some roadblocks because down the line I don’t want to be maxed out and my dad is forced to do all of them. Evening out the roadblocks is actually a really important thing you have to keep in mind.

Question: What did you guys think about your Speed Bump task?  I know some of the Speed Bump tasks have been pretty easy before, but you guys just had to sit on a block of ice for 10 minutes.

Michael: It was easy for me because I was prepared for the cold weather, but it was probably hard for Kevin because he was wearing boxer shorts. 

Kevin: Yeah, it was obviously only 10 minutes but anyone who has stood on a block of ice for 10 minutes with boxer shorts on would tell you it was harder than it looked.

Question: Michael, what happened to you in Ghana when you had to stop for medical attention.  Had you been sick earlier or did you just get dehydrated from the heat?

Michael: Well I think it was mainly from dehydration from the heat, and also I think I had some mental breakdown.  Because it wasn’t shown on TV, they edited it out, but I did try that first crossover three times and the second time I was only a inch away and my wheel fell over so that was a major blow for me. So I had to go back and do it a third time and when I finished the first crossover I guess it really took my energy out because of the previous try.  It was so close and I failed by inches.

Question: So how were you two cast on The Amazing Race?  How did you end up on the show?

Kevin: We just wanted to do it together and it took a while for me to convince my dad to be on board but the casting people loved us and they wanted us to do it as well so that’s how it happened.

Question:  How was it watching the episode back?

Kevin: It was like reliving it.
Michael: I was watching with my wife and she kept telling me, “Michael, calm down!” I was like, “OK, OK, OK!”

Question:  You had an elimination scare back in Ghana but it turned out to be a non-elimination leg. Did that motivate you or change the way you competed?

Kevin: I think after that moment it definitely motivated us even more to bounce back. The three legs after we were able to bounce back and show people that we still belonged in the race. It definitely motivated us after getting last place.
Michael: I think we learnt a very important lesson in that detour which is to stick with it and not switch back and forth. I think we held on to that and we never switched after that.

Question:  What was the biggest challenge you faced on the race?

Michael: I think it was working together and trying to find the right person for the right task and not kill each other! No, no, no.  I think for me it is facing the unknown, that’s psychological because you never know what comes next. I was always worried, ‘Am I up to the task?’
Kevin: Finding a way to balance between my dad and I. We are two very different personalities so trying to find the right balance was important. Challenge-wise, it was probably sitting on that ice block. That was probably the most painful thing I had to do! But on the bigger scale, it was trying to make sure our team was functional.

Question:  Are you working on any new YouTube videos?

Kevin: Yes, you can expect to see more videos on my channel featuring my dad and I. We were called Team Jumba during the race and a lot of our fans are disappointed by our exit and were putting, ‘RIP Team Jumba’ on the channel. I mean, me and my dad aren’t dead! We’ll still make people laugh and do videos together. It’s not the end for us.

Question:  Kevin, you said on your interview on the CBS website that you’d use the prize money to develop a show idea you had. Can you elaborate?

Kevin:  I’ve done other series before and I have a lot of projects I’d like to work on that would need funding and stuff. I basically make a living creating my show on YouTube and doing the whole entertainment thing. If we won $1 million from The Amazing Race, I probably would have funded a show featuring me and my dad or something.

Question:  Will you stay in contact with any of the teams?

Kevin: Yeah, we have stayed in contact with most of the other teams. Everyone on the race is friendly and we definitely do keep in touch.
Michael: Yeah, we love them. They are all nice people.

Question:  Will you ever travel together again?

Kevin: Of course!
Michael: As long as we don’t do any physical tasks, yes!

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