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Top Chef: Just Desserts: Golden Moments And Anniversary Cakes

November 10, 2010 09:45 PM by Lori Wilson


As the four remaining pastry chefs near the end of Top Chef: Just Desserts, week nine has them creating truffles representative of their lives and a wedding cake for a very special couple.

Based on the last challenge, Yigit has a bad feeling going into the episode, but he knows he has to be focused since he truly wants to win. Meanwhile, Morgan is feeling lonely and ganged up on by the other three pastry chefs. However, his cocky attitude remains as he says he can’t wait to beat everyone else.

Francois Payard, of Payard Patisserie & Bistro, and Morgan’s former boss is the guest judge this week. He stands with Gail Simmons at the Quickfire Challenge as she tells the Top Chef: Just Desserts pastry chefs they must create 4 chocolates truffles that represent 4 unique moments in their lives. The winning chef will have one of their truffles sold in over 250 stores nationwide by Godiva Chocolate.

Morgan derives inspiration from his failed marriage, his son, chef school and Top Chef for his truffles. Danielle references baseball, family vacations, her niece and starting her business. Yigit looks to the moment he and his boyfriend fell in love, his moving from Turkey to America and Buddhism for his inspirations. Finally, Zac uses his support system of friends and family for his truffles. Unfortunately, Yigit’s truffles don’t all pan out and he only completes 3 out of the 4 taste treats. After the judging, Francois announces that Morgan once again wins the Quickfire Challenge. His truffle based on his Top Chef: Just Desserts experience is the one Francois would like to see sold in stores.


The elimination challenge requires the chefs to create a a wedding cake for Ben and Sylvia Weinstock, who are celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary. If you’ll recall, Sylvia helped judge the wedding cake/glee club challenge. The couple meets with the pastry chefs and shares their history which will serve as inspiration for their creations. The contestants get to work in the Top Chef: Just Desserts kitchen and Johnny Iuzzini, once again, visits with the chefs. He notes how daunting this task is considering the chefs are making a cake for Sylvia Weinstock, the queen of cakes.

The next day, the pastry chefs go to Sylvia and Ben’s friend’s house for the party. Morgan finishes early, but Yigit feels he should be double checking things because his cake looks too simple. Zac’s cake doesn’t turn out the way he wanted, so he disco dusts it up, even though he assured Johnny he wouldn’t.

The guests arrive, as do Sylvia, Ben and the judges. They go around to the chefs and listen to which part of the couple’s story they took inspiration from. Zac knows visually his presentation is a ‘caketastrophe’ which the judges tend to agree with. Yigit’s presentation is nice, but the judges’ feel he tried to do too much for one cake. Morgan and Danielle’s cakes go over well, but Zac feels Morgan’s cake was too safe and didn’t have enough personality to it.


At the Judges’ Table, Danielle is told her cake was very imaginative, moist and contained great flavors, but the grey frosting was a poor choice. Yigit is told he over thought his cake, but the flavoring of his buttercream and the elegance of his cake was well done. Morgan is praised for his simplicity, but he was missing some acidity and his chocolate was a little dry. Morgan is also brought to task for his shoddy shell bordering. Zac is told his cake was moist, but his presentation was too immature for where Sylvia and Ben are in their lives now. Zac defends himself and why he should go to the finals, saying he likes to take risks. He calls Morgan out for being too unfazed when he wins so many challenges, but Morgan retorts it’s not in his personality to jump up and down and he doesn’t feel it’s polite to celebrate his winnings in front of everyone else.

The judges deliberate and decide that despite her dreadful frosting color, Danielle has the best cake. On the flip side, Zac doesn’t measure up this week and is sent home. That leaves Morgan, Danielle and Yigit battling it out to be named the first winner of Top Chef: Just Desserts next week.

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