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Hell’s Kitchen: Rob McCue And Vinny Accardi Jr. Exclusive Interview

November 11, 2010 01:30 PM by Lisa Princ


On last night’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay cut contestant Rob McCue in the first hour, and then in what has probably been the most shocking elimination in quite a while, Vinny Accardi Jr. was not given a black jacket into the final six. Come in and read what both of these talented chefs had to say in our exclusive interview! Keep reading for more details!

Despite their eliminations, both Rob McMcue and Vinny Accardi Jr. took the time to sit down and chat with us today, and what a great pair of guys these two were – they were comical and fun from start to finish!

RTVM: Sorry to see you both go home last night, how disappointing was it not to make it into the final, especially for you, Vinny since most fans thought you would be in the finale?

Vinny Accardi Jr.: I was floored. I thought I would end up with the black jacket and that this was just a wake up call. Gordon Ramsay even said it himself that he thought I would be the one to beat. I had one bad service and I was sent home, I still don’t understand it.

Rob McCue: I couldn’t believe it. I showed Gordon Ramsay how well I could cook and some of these girls who can’t even boil water are still there.

RTVM: So do you think some of the girls should have gone home instead?

Rob McCue: Absolutely. The talent level on the men’s team was so much higher. How they are still standing when they can’t even produce decent food is shocking.

Vinny Accardi Jr.: Yes, apparently cooking ability is not the only thing they want to see on the show. Just look at Russell, he played dirty from the start and he is still there. I was a fan favorite that played it with class and I was buried the first night that I had a difficult service.

RTVM: Vinny, I think most fans were assuming you would be in the finale, and we certainly thought we would see Sabrina sent home before either of you guys.

Vinny Accardi Jr.: Like I said on the show, I wanted that black jacket more than anything, more than Chef Ramsay even knew.

Rob McCue: The last few have just been shocking. The guys kept getting eliminated and we started to deconstruct. Yet on the girls’ side it was mistake after mistake also but they are all still here.

RTVM: What are your thoughts on Russell since you seemed to clash on the show?

Rob McCue: Russell was out to get us all. He would only scream and yell when Chef Ramsay was around but as soon as Chef Ramsay went over to the red team he would become quiet and not communicate at all with us, he was playing a game.

Vinny Accardi Jr.: Russell was definitely sneaky and out for us. He made his share of mistakes and got pass after pass and how is still there is amazing to me.

RTVM: Why did the blue team seem to spiral downward the past few weeks, you guys always had less drama than the girls?

Vinny Accardi Jr.: I think the four of us were each individually good, but just did not mesh well together. There were so many times I would just sacrifice myself for the good of others and the team.

Rob McCue: The girls did not do any better though, it was just more noticed on our side I guess. Those girls don’t know how lucky they are, we sacrificed our black jackets for them. I don’t understand how you have some of them in black jackets, who can’t even cook when you have two great guys here who can cook very well – and two cute, funny guys…I mean come on, who is funnier than us?


RTVM: You are definitely the best! Rob, do you think the blind taste test challenge hurt you? I mean, Nona, who had a horrible service got 3 out 4 and she was praised by Chef Ramsay.

Rob McCue: I thought it would be easy, but in fact it was much harder than it seemed.

Vinny Accardi Jr.: [laughing] Yes because it was so hard to recognize cheddar cheese huh Rob?

Rob McCue: [laughing] Yes because the Italian guy got the Mozzarella.

Vinny Accardi Jr.: Seriously, it was harder than you think it is. One thing most viewers don’t realize is many of the foods were are given to taste are not prepared as we would normally eat them. For instance, the brussels sprouts were not cooked, and who eats raw brussels sprouts? I don’t.

Rob McCue: In conclusion, I thought it definitely had something to do with my demise.

RTVM: Vinny, can you tell us if you actually had a hangover and that is why you didn’t perform your best the next day?

Vinny Accardi Jr.: Absolutely not. Believe it or not, I only had one glass of wine. Going in to service it was very important for both Trevor and I to be on the same page. We really did go through the entire menu to see if Russell was going to try and sabotage us in any way.

RTVM: How did you both enjoy or not enjoy working with Gordon Ramsay?

Vinny Accardi Jr.: It was awesome, I was thrilled to be there – but I wanted to be on the show from the very first season. I kept an open mind and just disregarded all of the yelling and screaming and took in all his advice and tips.

Rob McCue: You know, you can watch the show over and over but nothing ever prepares you for being there and working with Chef Ramsay. He is amazing though and working for him was amazing.

RTVM: What’s in the future for you both?

Rob McCue: I am working on many things in Manhattan. I would love to get back into television as well. Fans can keep up with me at chefrobmccue.com, and I also have a Facebook and Twitter page.

Vinny Accardi Jr.: I also have a few things in the works that I can’t really discuss at the moment, but I would also love to get back into television someday. I can be reached on both Facebook and Twitter as well.

Best of luck to both Rob McCue and Vinny Accardi Jr.! Hell’s Kitchen returns next week at a new time of 9 pm EST, so be sure to tune in!

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