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Hell’s Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay Opens Up About Family Drama

November 13, 2010 11:00 AM by Lisa Princ


Hell’s Kitchen on FOX‘s celebrity Michelin chef Gordon Ramsay recently made headlines about the feud going on within his family. In a new interview with the Daily Mail, we get to read Gordon Ramsay’s side of the story as he opens up about everything, including revealing that his mother in law has urged his wife to leave him. Keep reading for more details!

Apparently the feud is just getting worse for Hell’s Kitchen Michelin Chef Gordon Ramsay, as has even been accused of being on drugs but his disgruntled father in law, whom he recently fired. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Gordon Ramsay tells reporters that he had no choice to fire his father in law as he would have fired any other employee acting the same way. He then shares his reasoning as “His level of concentration. His excuses for disappearing. All ­matters for concern. ‘‘Where is Chris?’’ I would ask and be told he was in Paris for three days, sorting out the restaurant. Funny, I would think. We have already done that.Then I would ring up Paris and say ‘Can I speak to Chris? I hear he is there for the weekend.’’’ Only to be told that Chris hadn’t been there for six months.The away days were becoming more of a permanent fixture and there was less focus on the hands- on approach that the business needed to lock it down, such as the York & Albany pub, which needed to be focused on.”

Gordon Ramsay, who admits he feels very betrayed by his father in law who he looked up to as if he were his own father, then replied to the accusations of him being a “monster” and “on drugs” by telling the newspaper “I mean, portraying me as a monster? It is total baloney. You know how fiery I am. I am what I am. A fighter. I came up from a difficult background. ‘I wasn’t expecting Chris Hutcheson to shake my hand and ask me out for a beer over being sacked, but at the same time . . . Tana bawling. Her mum saying she was welcome back without me. My mum on the phone crying about the drugs. I am as clean as a whistle. I mean, of course I had mood swings. I was so frustrated.”

What about his marriage? Despite the fact that his mother law has urged his wife Tana to leave him, Gordon Ramsay says their marriage is even stronger than ever now. He told reporters “She is certainly getting up to speed — and that is a little scary. She knows about 90 per cent. She has been shocked. She struggled. It is a big blow. She had this perfect image of her daddy and it is not there. However, it has made our ­marriage stronger and our minds much clearer. I wake up in the morning and this dictator who was planning out my life for the next four years has gone. I don’t want to commit to opening 40 restaurants in the next four years. I want to consolidate.And Tana and I have never been stronger. The more shit the family throw at her makes us stronger. She understands the bigger picture now.” Keep checking back for more on this story as we will share whatever we get!

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