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The Amazing Race: Getting Engaged In The Middle East

November 14, 2010 07:13 PM by Allyson Wells


This week on The Amazing Race, the remaining teams depart Russia for the Middle East.  One team takes advantage of a scenic location and gets engaged!  Chad and Stephanie oversleep and Gary and Mallory get lost in a major way.  Can these racers overcome their setbacks and avoid elimination? 

In St. Petersburg, at the Peter and Paul fortress, Nat and Kat get to depart first at 1:06 am.  They fly to Muscat, Oman for further instructions.  Nat thinks it has been challenging to do the race as a diabetic, but is managing.  Brook and Claire are second to depart and Claire doesn’t want to disappoint Brook.  Nick feels like he is constantly stressed out on the race.  Mallory remarks how happy she is to spend time with her dad.

At the travel agency, the teams arrive to book their flights.  Jill and Thomas wonder where Chad and Stephanie are.  It turns out Chad and Stephanie are busy sleeping and are an hour late.  Only Nat and Kat and Brook and Claire get the early flights.  Chad and Stephanie wake up two hours late and frantically race to get their clue.  Once they get to the travel agency, they are informed there are no seats left on the next flight.  They are able to catch a flight ten minutes after the 2nd flight.  Chad and Stephanie’s flight ends up arriving at the same time the second flight arrives. 

In Muscat, Nat, Kat, Brook and Claire race for their clue.  They can’t believe how it is ninety degrees at night.  They get their clue, which is a metal plate with a time on it and discover they have to wait until the morning for their assigned time to get their next clue.  The teams have to sleep outside as they wait.


Chad asks Stephanie to take a walk with him while waiting.  He tells her how much he loves her, how amazing she is and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  He then gets on one knee and proposes marriage!  She tearfully accepts and the rest of the teams cheer for them.  Stephanie thinks their proposal was perfect.  Chad tells everyone the ring belonged to his mother, who recently passed away.

The teams get their clues and discover they must go to Jebel Shams, the tallest point in Oman for their next clue.  Jill and Thomas get lost and she tells him to lose the attitude.  After they get help with directions, Thomas notes that the people are very nice.  Nick gets angry when Vicki helps Brook with directions.  Chad and Stephanie make it to Jebel Shams first.  The road block is rappelling down the side of the mountain and then searching for Aladdin’s magic ring in a lamp.  Chad offers to take the road block.  Jill takes the road block for her team. 

Nick and Vicki and Brook and Claire arrive.  Gary and Mallory and Nat and Kat get lost.  Claire and Vicki offer to do the road blocks.  Vicki loves it and says she feels like Spiderman.  Nick is bummed to discover that they have a flat tire in their car.  Vicki tells him to calm down and they change their tire.  Nat and Kat finally arrive and Kat takes the challenge for her team.  Gary and Mallory still remain lost.  They finally reach the destination and Mallory takes the challenge.  Gary cheers his daughter on and tells her they still have a chance.


Chad finishes rappelling first and discovers that the teams must then proceed to the giant stack of books in the middle of the town.  Chad and Stephanie reach the giant stack of books and get a detour.  They can either do water table or wedding table.  The water table involves pumping water into a truck and then deliver it to a house.  At the wedding table, they must purchase ingredients for a traditional wedding soup and present it to a bride and groom.  Chad and Stephanie depart for the water table, as do Jill and Thomas.  Chad and Stephanie finish first and leave to deliver their water.  Jill and Thomas are close behind.  Jill and Thomas ask for directions, who happens to be a relative of the person they must deliver the water.  They then must head to the market and deliver Frankincense to Ali Baba. 

Brook and Claire decide to do the water table challenge, as do Nick and Vicki.  Nat and Kat finally arrive and also decide to do the water table.  Brook and Claire deliver theirs first.  Gary and Mallory finally reach the stack of books and decide to do the water table. 

Jill, Thomas, Chad and Stephanie race one another to the market.  Jill and Thomas finish first and discover they must go to Al Alam Palace for the pit stop.  Jill and Thomas reach the pit stop first and Phil informs them that they have a thirty minute penalty because they paid a cab driver for directions.  Chad and Stephanie arrive next and Phil tells them they are first and win a trip for two to Belize.  Jill and Thomas wait out their penalty and are team two.  Brook and Claire end up causing a traffic jam on their way to the palace.  Nick and Vicki finish third, and Brook and Claire finish fourth. 


Nat and Kat and Gary and Mallory race one another to the palace.  Nat and Kat make it first and are happy to learn they are still in the race.  Gary and Mallory arrive and Phil informs them they have been eliminated.  Gary tells Phil he was proud to have done The Amazing Race with his daughter.  Mallory tearfully cries that her dad has challenged her to live her life like its a race. 

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