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America’s Next Top Model: Chris Dishes On Her Elimination

November 15, 2010 11:30 AM by Allyson Wells


Last week on America’s Next Top Model, the model with the big personality, Chris was eliminated.  While the judges thought Chris was commercial, they did not think she was high fashion and Tyra Banks urged her to pursue acting.  Chris is speaking out on what she thought of the judges’ opinions, who she thinks will win, and if she would do the show all over again.  She also tackles the subject of model Jane and her lack of personality.  Read on to see what Chris had to say about it all!

Question:  Tyra advised you at the end to take acting classes and Andre thought you could be the next Wanda Sykes. What did you think about that?

Chris:  I was happy to hear it. It was cool that they realized that you know that she may have something. That’s my heart right there, acting. It would be acting first, modeling second. It felt great for them to recognize that. I had been acting since I was little, and I stopped when I was 18. Now I’m thinking I’ll take it up again. It’s always been easy for me, and acting has always been a big thing in my life. In high school I did a couple little parts and I did plays.

Question:  This cycle you worked with a lot of male models. How did you feel about that?

Chris:  I got tired of seeing them. They were all over the place. I was like, “Don’t you have a home? Don’t you have a girlfriend?” I have a boyfriend at home, and with 14 girls in the house and no boys around, there’s bound to be some drama. I would rather they had stayed at home. Some girls really loved it, and some girls didn’t care for it. You can put me in the last camp.

Question:  In the beginning of the competition, you and your sister really came as a set, but Terra got eliminated after the makeover shoot. How was that?

Chris:  I didn’t think her elimination was fair. I want to win, but that was my sister; it was never a competition between me and her. We’re family. I never felt like her leaving was my time to shine. We were always shining together. When they eliminated her, I felt like I lost my strength. But she wanted me to keep going as far as I could.

Question: What was your favorite photo shoot and why?

Chris: My favorite photo shoot was the Matthew Rolston, when we did the mermaid under the water. It was so easy. All you had to do was just lie there. The other girls were taking shot, after shot, after shot. I think mine was probably the quickest and the fastest because I gave him what he wanted. It was very smooth. I liked the picture on top of that.

Question: What about the comments that you were commercial and not high fashion? I think André Leon Talley said that. He seemed to like you.

Chris: He said he thinks I am more commercial than high fashion. And Tyra, back in one of the earlier episodes where we were having a tea party when Liz won one of the challenges, told me that. She said it wasn’t anything bad. Because I have a baby face with my face being so soft and so round — I don’t have any harsh angles — it is hard for me to come off fierce and strong. It just doesn’t come off as high fashion. It doesn’t mean I don’t have talent. The bad thing about this season was it was aimed for high fashion. I think if I came another season, I would have gone farther.

Question: You had the personality that Ann and Jane are supposedly lacking, but you were sent home because the judges felt you weren’t “as invested” as the others. Do you agree?

Chris: I kind of agree with it. It is a modeling competition. It is not all about personality. It is all about modeling. Can you take a good photo? Not good, but decent. Not just decent, great. I am here with these other four girls who are getting nothing but the best feed back, and I am still getting, “Ok, you’re so-so.” Yes, it was something that I wanted, but I wasn’t giving it to the judges like the other girls were. That is just the way it was meant to be. God hadn’t set it for me to win. It was a modeling competition: Can you take a really good photo? Compared to those four girls, I couldn’t. I am cool with it.

Question: Jane doesn’t seem to have the personality.

Chris: What’s weird is Jane has so much personality. I don’t know why she doesn’t do it on TV. Jane be doing some weird things. She is cool. She’s not afraid to crack a joke. She is not afraid to put on a ridiculous outfit. I remember in one episode, we had dressed her up and made her into a little rapper, a little hip-hop thug, we told her to put foil in her mouth so she had a grill and we put her hair in cornrows. We put makeup on her and gave her a tattoo. She has so much personality, but, I guess, when she needed to, she couldn’t bring it.

Question: Was it really that hard to get around Milan? None of you did that well on the go-sees. Only Chelsey made it to more than one.

Chris: I suck with directions. If I don’t have a computer, or my cell phone, or somebody telling me where to go, I am pretty bad with directions. First, I have to visualize it. I have to get hand directions: turn left here; go right here. The map we had wasn’t a map like you would think. It didn’t have names. It was a map with major roads. It was really hard. Then, it was hot. You have signs in different languages. People don’t speak English. Milan is not as small as you think. It was really hard.

Question: Who do you think will walk away with the title?

Chris: I am hoping Kayla or Chelsey. I think they have the whole package. Everybody is rooting for Ann. I don’t have a problem with that. Ann is cool. She is pretty. On top of that, she can take a good picture. To me, just being pretty is not enough. You have to know how to talk to people. You can’t be shy, you can’t be nervous, especially for high fashion, you can’t afford that. I may be wrong. I am not in the business. But Chelsey and Kayla have got that. They know how to talk to people. People are drawn to them. They can be high fashion and commercial. To me, you can’t go wrong with either one.

Question: Any regrets?

Chris: None.

Question: Would you do it again?

Chris: No. I feel so bad, I am being so honest. I would never do it again, even if I knew I was going to win. I liked the experience of modeling, meeting these people and traveling, and having these opportunities. But the experience of being on a reality TV show is set up a certain way. Cameras in your face 24/7, I hated that. I wanted to talk to my family more often, I couldn’t do that.

Question: What’s next?

Chris: I am really hoping that I can do some acting. That is really where I want to be. I liked modeling and now that I know more about it, I want to get better before I try to do it. I want to work on my poses before I go for it. Acting, I got that in the bag. If somebody called me up and said, “I want you to do this movie,” I would pack up my bags.

What did you think of Chris’s thoughts on the show?  I think Chris brought some fun to the show and the next few episodes will be lacking a certain spark with her absence.  I also thought it was interesting that she mentioned the show does not show Jane’s personality and that editing can make the show different.

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