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The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection: Meltdowns and an Unexpected Move

November 16, 2010 09:30 PM by Shayla Perry


Tonight on an all new episode of The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection on Bravo, a challenge based on the human body drives one designer out of his mind, and some big changes are in store for both the House of Nami and the House of Emerald Six. Who was out of fashion this week? Keep reading for all the details.

On this week’s episode of The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection, the designers were sent to the South Street Seaport Bodies exhibition in New York City to gain inspiration for their challenge, which was  to create a collection based on the make-up of the human body.


The House of Nami immediately got to work photographing the exhibit and putting together their ideas, but the House of Emerald Syx started out with problems, as Calvin took the lead in developing his own concept for the collection. Calvin exploded when his teammates didn’t understand his explanations, and by the time Isaac Mizrahi showed up, nothing was accomplished.

Emerald Syx (who changed their name to just “Emerald” since losing a team member in the last episode), expressed their frustration with Calvin. Isaac suggested that they appoint a head designer, and the team chose Jeffrey. But just as they were starting to develop a concept for their collection, Isaac returned and shook things up even more by telling the teams that one part of each ensemble had to be reversible.

On the first design day, Calvin reveals his idea of a backpack that turns into a jacket. The team has some hesitation, but his mind is already made up, and he gets to work.

The team takes issue with Tamara’s simple strapless dress, and as they work to try to improve it, Calvin and Cindy begin to argue. Calvin warns that the team doesn’t have a chance to win with Jeffrey in charge, and Tamara starts to think that she may be able to tolerate Calvin–surprisingly.

Meanwhile, Mike throws together a last minute mini-dress when his idea for capillaries made of yarn doesn’t work out, but when his model arrives, he still doesn’t really have anything together, and doesn’t spend much time working throughout the night. With just hours to go until midnight, Mike begins to cut up his dress, throws it in the trash and walks out! Out, out–as in no longer on the show!

Still responsible for six looks, the team pulls together to create another outfit in just two hours.


Calvin, Eduardo, and Caesar’s designs received much applause during the runway show, but in the end, it was the House of Nami that impressed Iman and the other judges the most and won the challenge. The winning look was Eduardo’s, who won an additional hour of work time for next week.

With the House of Emerald once again facing the judges in defeat, Tamara’s dress starts to come apart, and the judges take issue with the pleat that was added at her teammates’ request. But the judges faulted Tamara for not standing up for her design and refusing to add the pleat.

The judges also explain to Calvin that he needs to work harder to get along with this teammates.

In a surprise move, the judges bring in the House of Nami and announce that because Mike unexpectedly left the show, no one would be eliminated. But that’s not all–Calvin was moved to the House of Nami, with the judges giving them one minute to decide which of their team members would switch to the House of Emerald.

When no one spoke up, Caesar volunteered to go!

How will the changes affect each team’s collection moving forward?

Tune in to next week’s episode of Bravo’s The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection to find out!

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