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America’s Next Top Model: The Final Four Step It Up At Vogue Italia

November 17, 2010 07:36 PM by Allyson Wells

America's Next Top Model

This week on America’s Next Top Model, the competition is down to four models.  The models try to make a good impression on Vogue Italia editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani.  Tyra Banks then shoots the models in a motion editorial, which is also Tyra’s directorial debut.  Who will rise to the occasion and the final two and who will fall short in the double elimination?

On the bus home, the remaining top four models discuss panel.  Jane knows she must show the judges more personality and be less of a robot.  Chelsey thinks Ann is coasting through the competition.  Ann thinks Chelsey has stepped up her game and she will in turn need to step up hers.  When the girls return home, Kayla remarks that she is getting stronger and stronger as the competition continues.  Jane wishes Kayla would just shut up.  Ann worries she won’t be able to present herself. 

Tyra mail arrives saying that modeling is 100% you and 50% who you know.  The models arrive for their lesson and meet Miss J.  He tells them personality is key when going on castings.  He introduces them to Barbara Terrinoni, an acting coach.  Barbara asks them to not be shy and be lions on stage.  Barbara asks Ann if she is alive and to not smile like Frankenstein.  Miss J tells them they must take this lesson to a very important client. 

America's Next Top Model

The models get on the bus and head to meet the important client.  Chesley thinks she is the front runner when it comes to confidence and personality.  The models arrive at Vogue Italia.  They enter to see Andre waiting with editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani.  He instructs them to introduce themselves and they will be judged on who did the best.  Kayla worries she explained more about her portfolio than herself.  A confident Chelsey enters and possibly comes on too strong.  Ann enters and is not as terrible as she thought she would be.  Last is Jane, and is very down-to-earth as she tries to impress Franca. 

Franca tells Andre that Kayla needs to be more careful, but that Chelsey could be in the business.  She thinks Ann is good in pictures, but too shy.  Franca thinks Jane is pretty, but worries she is lacking character in her face for modeling.  Andre reveals that the winner is Chesley, who will get to view an exclusive piece of art and then spend a night out in Milan.  Chelsey gets to invite a friend and she chooses Kayla.  Ann is frustrated she didn’t project and Jane is bummed she is missing out on viewing the art.  Kayla and Chelsey go with Andre for a private viewing of Leonardo di Vinci’s Last Supper.

America's Next Top Model

Ann and Jane have their own private party at home with vodka and a hand-drawn picture of the last supper on a napkin.  Chelsey and Kayla head to their luxury suite for a night of pampering.  Chesley boasts that she thinks they will be in the top two.

The models head to their next challenge.  Kayla and Chelsey rub it in Ann and Jane’s faces that they had a fabulous evening.  Ann notices how confident Kayla and Chelsey are and thinks it will help her get focused.  The models arrive in Verona and meet Jay.  He tells them to combine everything they have learned in the competition.  He then stuns them with the news that two of them will be eliminated at the next panel.  Tyra emerges and tells them it will be a first for them and her and announces she is directing them in a motion editorial and bringing their photos to life.  Tyra wants them to bring extreme sexuality for her directorial debut.  The models leave to get ready. 

After getting dressed in couture clothing, Tyra gives them instructions.  She tells Chelsey she needs to put more emphasis on her eyes and less on her mouth.  Chelsey thinks she got the hang of it.  Ann is next and tries to bring energy.  Tyra loves it!  Jane has a blast working with Tyra and thinks she showcased some of her personality.  Kayla is last and wants to nail it.  Tyra thinks Kayla is amazing.  The models then move from room to room.  The girls have to frantically run from location to location.  Afterwards, the models are all exhausted.  Chelsey knows she will be in the top two.

America's Next Top Model

At panel, Franca is the guest judge.  When the models arrive, Chelsey is first to be judged.  Tyra shows her some of her best moments from her shoot.  Nigel thinks Chelsey showed tremendous diversity.  Franca is also surprised at how great Chesley did.  Tyra reminds her that she was scared in the wide shot.  Jane is judged next.  Nigel thinks she is less fluid and Andre thinks she is editing herself.  Tyra thinks Jane looked beautiful and did well.  Ann is judged next and Franca loves her uniqueness.  Tyra doesn’t like her runway walk and advises her to work on it.  Kayla is judged last, and Nigel thinks her performance was the most realistic.  Franca worries that Kayla’s look can’t be captured by all photographers.  Tyra warns her to watch her angles.  The models leave for the judges to deliberate on which two models will be going home and which two will be walking in a fashion show for Roberto Cavalli designs.

The judges deliberate and Franca thinks Chelsey really wants to be a model.  Andre worries that Jane isn’t expressive, but Tyra argues that she has a million dollar face.  Nigel is surprised that Ann could look sexy.  Andre isn’t sure that Kayla is high fashion, but Nigel thinks she is special.

America's Next Top Model

The models return to hear who is staying and who is going.  Tyra reveals that Ann is the final two.  A tearful Ann is truly shocked and thrilled to be a finalist.  Tyra tells Chelsey she is passionate, but her pictures are not blowing the judges away.  Tyra tells Kayla she is different and unique, but she hasn’t yet mastered her body and angles.  Tyra then tells Jane she has a beautiful face, but had been forgettable until the photo editorial.  Tyra then reveals that Chelsey is in the final two.  Tyra tells her she knows she wants it and her body of work shows she has what it takes.  Tyra tells Kayla she is very special.  Kayla is upset, but happy of how far she came.  Tyra tells Jane she was very proud of how hard she tried, but to continue to push through and she will make a huge splash.  Jane is disappointed, but proud of her performance and that she might have a career in modeling.

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