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Hell’s Kitchen: The Best Of The Worst

November 17, 2010 08:42 PM by Lisa Princ


Last week on FOX‘s Hell’s Kitchen, we watched as Gordon Ramsay handed out the black jackets, but was it the right decision? As the culinary competition heats up in the race for the finale, this group proves to be the best of the worst we have seen in eight seasons. Keep reading for more details!

Hell’s Kitchen on FOX kicked off tonight as Gordon Ramsay tried to up the ante with an amuse-bouche challenge, or a single bite starter dish in normal terms. For this challenge he brought in 5 Michelin star chefs to judge the contestants based on presentation and of course taste. Each judge could give up to ten points for both presentation and then taste, with a the total possible score being 100 that each contestant could earn.The winner of the challenge would get a trip to the LA Market where one of them would become the head chef. While there they would dine with the executive chef and Gordon Ramsay for a taste of the good life.

Gail came out of the gate strong for the challenge with her spring rolls, which earned her a total combined score of 87. One by one the other ladies tried to beat her, but could not come close to her score. Finally, it was the men’s turn and Russell earned a perfect score of 100 for his soup dish. Next up was Trevor, who decided to go with frog legs in an attempt to go “way out there” to impress Gordon Ramsay, but it did anything but as he earned the lowest score in both taste and presentation by the judges. Russell who won the challenge opted to take Gail along for the reward since he had to choose someone and she had the second highest scores. While they dined with Gordon Ramsay, the rest of the contestants stayed behind to clean the dorms and the kitchen.


Then it was time for dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, and Gordon Ramsay once again wanted to show the contestants what was at stake as he surprised them with a platter of money – $250k to be exact, which would be their salary if they won the competition. And while they all got a high on seeing that much cash, it did nothing to help them in the kitchen as this group once again proved they were only the best of the worst. Trevor and Sabrina could not get it together on appetizers and it was like watching a miserable married couple fighting constantly. Meanwhile, Gail was messing up on the fish station, and Jillian struggled to get her potatoes right.

The only one on the team who seemed to have no issues tonight was Nona, who was cooking table side for the diners. Russell struggled with raw meat, and Trevor and Sabrina were still going at it on appetizers when Trevor lost it and started screaming. This did not go over well with Sous Chef Scott however, who then got in Trevor’s face and screamed at him to cook the pasta and shut up. Sabrina was having a lot of trouble getting the salads done right, not sure what her issue was, but salads aren’t that hard to prepare. In a fit of rage Gordon Ramsay told them all to shut down and get out, despite the fact that dinner service was not completed.


When it was time for elimination, Gordon sent them all up to nominate two people overall who would be put up tonight. Almost everyone was in agreement that it should have been Trevor and Sabrina, except for Sabrina and Jillian who both wanted to nominate Gail for her mistakes on the fish. However, when Chef Ramsay asked who was up for elimination they told him Sabrina and Trevor. When he called them up, they both pleaded their cases and Sabrina started to cry, but Chef Ramsay was not buying it this time. He asked for her jacket and sent her on her way as he said he felt she needed to grow in her cooking and in her maturity level. Best of luck to Sabrina!

Be sure to tune into Hell’s Kitchen on FOX next Wednesday at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode!

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