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Survivor: Nicaragua — Libertad Camp Up In Flames

November 17, 2010 07:45 PM by Ryan Haidet


This season keeps getting better and better.  Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua on CBS showed true devastation as the Libertad tribe found their possessions reduced to ashes after a fire tore through the camp.  Strategies were also heavy tonight as the game winds down with power players becoming the targets of some castaways once in the shadows.

Night 24 at the Libertad camp, Brenda thought Marty’s elimination really showed everybody where the power players sit.  She admitted in confessional that she and Sash are running the game while calling herself a king and Sash the queen.  But her aggressive strategies started becoming obvious to Holly and Jane.  “It has to change soon,” Holly said in confessional.

The next morning, the weather was looking gloomy, and the tribe felt like their fire was at risk of fizzling out while they were away at a challenge.  So to protect the flames, they built a makeshift barricade around the fire with their wooden crates.  Yes, wooden crates.  Obviously we’re dealing with a group of geniuses.  More on this brainiac decision in a bit.

Backlash Against Brenda

While out for a walk, Holly and Benry talked about the domination exhibited by Brenda and Sash.  Benry was easily convinced they needed to go next.  Moments later on another part of camp, Jane asked NaOnka for help in getting rid of Brenda.  Despite her friendship with Brenda, NaOnka was also in.  Holly then went to Chase with the plan.  “She’s the ringleader,” Holly told him.  Chase thought it was better to target Benry next because he’s a physical threat and untrustworthy.  Holly disagreed, which started to raise concerns in her eyes about his thought process in the game.


Barrel Battle

At the Reward Challenge, the 10 castaways were divided into two teams of five.  After the random draw for teams, they had four barrels, two planks and 10 feet of rope at their disposal to get across the beach without touching the ground.  The first team to cross the beach would win Reward, which included a trip to an active volcano where they would also chow down on pizza, brownies and soda.


It was a slow race, but something that required extensive teamwork.  The blue team featuring Chase, Fabio, NaOnka and Kelly S. were much more successful getting across the beach and easily won.  It wasn’t even close.

Volcano Ride & Angry Flames

After taking a helicopter, the winning team landed at the volcano where they got to ride down the mountainside on a sled.  After that ashy rush, the five of them chowed down on the pizza and discussed strategy.  NaOnka quickly pulled Fabio aside and told him that Brenda was everybody’s next target.  Fabio was thrilled with the idea because it might keep him under the radar while taking out a power player.

Their excitement was 180 degrees different than the emotions back at camp.  When Dan, Holly, Brenda, Sash and Benry returned after losing the challenge they found their possessions in ashes.  They lost most of their food and machetes in the blaze.  Several glass containers also melted.  Hmmm.  I wonder how this happened.  Oh yeah, putting wooden crates within inches of a fire to protect it from the rain.  Benry called the situation “the day from Hell.”


Chase Talks

When Chase returned to camp from the Reward, he rushed to Brenda and revealed the plans that others were pursuing to vote her out next.  Although she seemed surprised by the plan, Brenda said she was unimpressed with their strategy.  In his continuing paranoia, Chase then went to NaOnka and said he was sticking with Brenda.  This sparked a reaction from NaOnka where she went to everybody else saying Chase is too wishy-washy and can’t be trusted.

Immunity Battle

Standing on a small platform over a pit of water, the castaways had to use their strength to hang onto a rope as long as possible.  Every five minutes they had to move their hands to a lower knot on the rope making it more difficult to hang on.  The last person standing would claim Immunity.  This is obviously one of those challenges that seems easy in concept sitting on the couch at home scarfing down potato chips.  But the pain in their faces truly captured how difficult this challenge was.


After we lost seven players in the competition within the first five minutes, it came down to Chase, Jane and Benry.  When host Jeff Probst ordered them to move their hands to the next knot, Benry’s face turned red as he grunted and struggled to hang on.  Although he fought hard, Benry was out next.

Jane quickly announced she was going to let go and drop out of the challenge because her hands were hurting, which Probst couldn’t believe.  He questioned her decision and told her not to give up.  She switched her choice and decided to hang on a little longer, and it paid off because she won Immunity when Chase fell off a few moments later.

Brenda’s Plan

Although Chase was desperate to take Benry out next, he went to Brenda and told her things were looking bad for their alliance.  Chase said he didn’t believe they had the numbers to spare her from elimination.  Brenda, trying to remain confident, wanted to make sure Chase and Sash realize the other players will come after them next.  That’s when she pitched a plan for Sash to give up his hidden Immunity Idol for her.


At Tribal Council, trust was the central topic.  Although Brenda didn’t think trust has been an issue for her, she was surprised to hear that NaOnka wanted to jump ship on their alliance.  When Probst asked Brenda if she scrambled to stay in the game, Brenda wouldn’t use the word “scrambling” to describe her efforts at all.  She believed scrambling allows others to view you as somebody who has already lost.

When Probst gathered the votes and asked if somebody wanted to play a hidden Immunity Idol, Brenda nudged at Sash with a smirk on her face almost asking him to hand it over.  He simply sat there and looked away.

Brenda was easily voted out of the competition with all but two ballots against her.  Interestingly, the only person (other than Brenda herself) who didn’t cast a ballot against Brenda was Kelly S.  She wound up voting against Benry, which shows she truly has been kept out of the loop.  Even Sash and Chase voted against their main ally.

Only nine contestants remain.


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