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Top Chef: Just Desserts: The Finale Produces A Winner

November 17, 2010 09:38 PM by Lori Wilson


After a grueling season of angst, drama and some delicious looking sweets, the winner of Top Chef: Just Desserts is named. Of course a few twists were thrown Danielle, Morgan and Yigit’s way as they completed their final challenge of the season. Who is the first ever winner of Top Chef: Just Desserts? Read on to find out.

Gail Simmons greets the last three chefs in the Top Chef: Just Desserts kitchen to tell them their final elimination challenge will require them to create a progressive four course dessert tasting for 12 diners, who will be some of the most respected pastry chefs around. They are then instructed to go back to the loft and change clothes.

After Danielle, Yigit and Morgan get dressed, they arrive at The Edison bar in Los Angeles and find Johnny Iuzzini there having a cocktail. They enjoy a drink with the Top Chef: Just Desserts judge and sample some fancy schmancy desserts as they celebrate making it to the finale. Of course, there is a twist in store, so Johnny brings out three award winning chefs who made the desserts they are eating. Those chefs turn out to be Sherry Yard, Elizabeth Falkner and Claudia Fleming, who will also be the remaining contestants’ sous chefs for the final elimination challenge. The contestants pick their sous chef from the cookie jar and Morgan draws Claudia Fleming, Yigit gets Sherry Yard and Danielle pulls Elizabeth Falkner’s name.


Back in the Top Chef: Just Desserts kitchen, Morgan comes up with a theme, which is light, but Danielle thinks themes are pigeonholing so she creates a menu that she hopes will surprise the judges. Johnny of course visits with all the pastry chefs and is concerned with Danielle’s simple ice cream sampler. As for Yigit, Johnny notes he is very excited about the challenge and hasn’t forgotten all the constructive criticism he’s received from day one. Next, Johnny reminds Morgan there will be heavy critiques and he doesn’t want him to regret something he didn’t do. Johnny also isn’t sure about Morgan’s theme of color, but he speculates it could set him apart from the other chefs.

As they continue to create their progressive dishes, Morgan has difficulty communicating with his sous chef Claudia Fleming. She readily admits she isn’t familiar with all the chemicals Morgan uses in his recipes, because she’s old school, but as a sous chef, she states she doesn’t need to know what he’s talking about. On the other hand, Yigit and Sherry seem to compliment each very well and Danielle doesn’t seem to have any issues with her help – Elizabeth Falkner.

The next day, Danielle, Morgan and Yigit learn the previously eliminated pastry chefs have returned to either help or join the acclaimed pastry chefs as diners. Morgan gets his former nemesis Heather H. as his assistant, Yigit gets Tim and Danielle utilizes Tania’s skills for the remainder of the challenge. Morgan and Heather of course butt heads, but they push through it.


As some of the most revered chefs, including the above mentioned celebrity sous chefs, join Johnny Iuzzini, Gail Simmons, Dannielle Kyrillos and Hubert Keller to sample the desserts, Claudia Fleming expresses to her peers her disdain for Morgan, who she says is a typical male chef. Former Top Chef: Just Desserts contestants Erika, Zac, Malika, Heather C. and Eric join their mentors for the progressive meal. Most of the desserts from each chef go over extremely well and everyone seems to be impressed, except for, most notably, Morgan’s souffle. Even though Heather H. came to the rescue with a few good ideas on how Morgan could try to disguise his mistakes, Claudia’s souffle collapses and the professional chefs note they would not be able to sell it in one of their restaurants.

After the progressive meal, the judges deliberate and Gail says all three of the Top Chef: Just Desserts pastry chefs took them on a different, but successful journey and it will come down to the mistakes they made along the way. The nerve-racked pastry chefs stand before the Judges’ Table where Johnny tells them all they make him proud to be a pastry chef. He tells Danielle she was herself to the very end and showed a new level of sophistication and execution. Yigit is praised for his precision and technique, as is Morgan for his ability to push himself.

When it comes time to announce the first ever winner of Top Chef: Just Desserts, Gail Simmons reveals that distinction belongs to Yigit. All the former contestants come out to celebrate with him and Morgan even notes there is no one he would feel better losing to than Yigit. Danielle says Yigit has done things she has never seen before and Yigit can’t fathom how this will change his career. He thinks his father would be very proud of him.

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