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Survivor: Nicaragua — Brenda Talks Libertad Fire & Strategy

November 21, 2010 11:00 AM by Ryan Haidet


Brenda Lowe dished the dirt after getting voted off Survivor: Nicaragua last week.  She told us so much in a conference call that we split her interview in two parts.  In this second portion of Brenda’s comments, she begins with the drama at Libertad when the camp burned down in a fire while they were competing in a challenge.  She also talked about the bond she had with Chase.  Was it more than just a crush?  But that’s not all, Brenda also tells the simple story about how she was selected to be on the show.

Question: Let’s talk about the fire that tore through your camp?  What exactly went down?  Who made the decision to put the chests around the fire?

Brenda Lowe: I love fire.  I’m like a little pyro, and I was part of the fire patrol in Survivor.  We protected it, we put the chests around it and covered it from the rain.  It was actually Jane, in my eyes I knew this wasn’t a good move, but she put more wood on it.  That’s what made it go up.  If we had left it the way it was, the embers would have been there by the time we got back.  We could have absolutely started a fire very easily with the embers.  I don’t know what she was thinking.  She put more wood there, the flames went up and obviously burned everything.  It wasn’t intentional at all, it was just bad thinking.  You saw the consequences.


Question: What was it about Chase that made him trust you so much?  Was it just a little crush?

Brenda Lowe: No, I think it was beyond anything like a crush.  I think in the beginning we really bonded tightly on day one.  You see a little bit of it in our conversation that day.  It was something very natural, very sweet.  I was not playing him.  I was not like, “That’s the guy!  I’m going to get him!”  It wasn’t that at all.  I felt he was sweet.  I thought that he was genuine 100 percent.  I know it’s the corniest line in the whole, wide world, but I liked his spirit.  I know that’s really cheesy, but I really felt it.  That’s where it came from.  He wanted to play with somebody he trusted.  He found that trust in me from the beginning, and obviously there’s a lot of things that they didn’t show, but he gained that trust in me.  He didn’t lose it.


Question: What was it about Marty that you had such a problem with?

Brenda Lowe: That’s a misconception.  Yes, in the beginning Marty and I kind of hated each other.  But toward the end, especially with Jane’s weird obsession with Marty, it became more and more clear that I’d rather have Marty around than Jane.  I know that voting off Marty was the beginning of the end for me.  The only reason that I did it was to go along with my alliance.  I didn’t want to piss off Chase and I would have loved to vote off Jane that time, and things would have been a lot different for me.  I knew it.  I felt it.  I felt uncomfortable with the vote.  I just did it.  It was one of those things like, “I guess this is what you’re supposed to do on Survivor — go with your alliance.”  It was the only vote I was very uncomfortable about and look where I am.


Question: Had you made it deeper into the game, do you think you would have stuck with Chase and Sash to the final Tribal Council or would you have needed to slash their throats to advance?

Brenda Lowe: There you go.  I was more than willing to do that.  This is one of the reasons why NaOnka turned on me.  It was actually part of my downfall that I actually confessed to her that I would take out Sash at any given moment if I needed to.  Yes I would, at any moment, turn my back on them.  Yes.  I was loyal to them until final five.  That’s all I would talk about.  Anything other than that I couldn’t lie to their faces and say, “Yes final three –  me, Chase and Sash.”  I couldn’t do that.  So I would just be like, “Final five!  Final five!  Let’s see what happens.”  That’s all I would say.  I was willing.  Honestly I was willing to do whatever to stay with whoever.  It made sense to stay with my core alliance, and that’s what I did.


Question: What’s the story about how you got on the show?

Brenda Lowe: I went to an open call last year.  Had I made it, had I got the call back, I would have been on Samoa.  Didn’t get the call back, and I got the call back for this year.

Nine castaways are left in the competition.

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