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The Amazing Race: Double U-Turn In Bangladesh

November 21, 2010 07:32 PM by Allyson Wells


This week on The Amazing Race, five teams remain.  The racers are reminded that this leg will feature not one, but two, double U-turns, a first in Amazing Race history.  Will the teams actually use the U-turns?  Will the U-turns make or break the remaining racers?

Chad and Stephanie are the first to depart Oman.  They learn that they must go to Bangladesh to the Sundarben marketplace and fill a glass of sugar cane and one team member must drink it.  Chad and Stephanie want to remain in first and use the U-turn on Nat and Kat.   The other teams quickly head to the airport.  Jill and Thomas arrive to find that the earliest flight gets in at 12 pm and book the same flight as Chad and Stephanie.  Nick and Vicki and Brooke and Claire also book the same flight.  Nat and Kat decide to fly to Dubai.  Jill and Thomas end up booking an earlier flight that will get them in at 5 am and are very pleased with themselves for having a seven hour head start.  Brook and Claire see them depart and check with the agency and learn that it is all full.  Nick and Vicki get on an earlier flight that will get them in at 8:40 am.  In Dubai, Nat and Kat learn their flight will arrive at noon with the other teams.

Jill and Thomas arrive in Bangladesh and pumped they are the only team there.  They quickly head to the marketplace to perform their task.  Thomas excitedly drinks all of the sugar and gets the detour clue:  balance meal or balance brick.  With balance meal they must pick up thirty metal containers and deliver them to a ship in a nearby harbor .  With balance brick, they must transfer bricks they balance on their heads and deliver 100 unbroken bricks.  Jill and Thomas choose balance bricks.  As they walk around, they can’t believe the conditions of the city and how bad the poverty is.  Jill and Thomas put the brick baskets on their heads and get to work to quickly complete the road block.


Jill and Thomas reach the double U-turn and Phil reveals that for the first time in Amazing Race history, two different teams will get to choose two different teams and make them do both of the detours.  Jill and Thomas choose to make Brook and Claire do the U-Turn.  They get their next clue and learn they must assemble a rickshaw.  Jill takes the road block for the team.  People swarm and watch Jill put the rickshaw together.  They then must go go Lalbagh Fort, which is the pit stop of the race.  Jill and Thomas are thrilled to be so far ahead of the other racers.

Nick and Vicki arrive to do the sugar cane task.  Nick remarks how bad it smells in the city.  They head to the next road block and choose balance meal.  They quickly get the challenge done and Vicki is so thrilled how on their game they are.  Vicki is horrified to see children swimming in the dirty water.  They get to the road block and choose not to U-turn any team!  Nick offers to do the rickshaw roadblock for their team.  He quickly assembles the rickshaw, but forgets about the chain.  He finally realizes his mistake and he takes off for the pit stop with Vicki.


The three remaining teams arrive and quickly take off for the market.  Chad and Stephanie want to get to the double U-turn and use it on Nat and Kat.  The teams are basically in a dead heat and all choose to do balance meal.  Nat and Kat reach the river first, followed by Brook and Claire.  Chad and Stephanie are taken to the wrong area of town and arrive last at the river.  Nat and Kat arrive at the next road block and U-turn Chad and Stephanie before heading to build the rickshaw. 

Nat tries to build the rickshaw for her and Kat.  Brook and Claire arrive and annoyed they were U-turned, but stay positive to get it done because they know they are ahead of Chad and Stephanie.  Claire struggles with the bricks, but Brook urges her to push through the pain.  Chad and Stephanie get lost trying to find the clue box.  Chad gets more and more annoyed and Stephanie apologizes.  When they finally make it to the box, they are disgusted to see that Nat and Kat U-turned them.  Stephanie struggles and Chad yells at her that it is do or die time.  Stephanie retorts for him to shut up.  Brook takes the rickshaw road block and is excited to see Nat still working on her rickshaw.  Stephanie arrives and tries to build the rickshaw for the team.  Chad begins to berate Nat and yells, “A big smart doctor can’t put a bike together.”  Nat yells back that it wasn’t personal.  Nat finally finishes and apologizes again to Chad and Stephanie for U-turning them before she and Kat depart.  Brook finishes the rickshaw next and she and Claire quickly depart for the pit stop.  Stephanie finishes seconds later and she and Chad are quick to follow. 


Jill and Thomas reach Phil at the pit stop first.  Phil informs them they win a $15,000 Discover gift card.  Nick and Vicki arrive at the Pit Stop and thrilled to be in second place, their best finish yet.  Nat and Kat arrive at the pit stop and are relieved to be in third place.  Brook and Claire arrive at the pit stop seconds before Chad and Stephanie and are stunned they are still in the race.  Phil tells them they are a threat to winning and that is why they were U-turned.  Chad and Stephanie arrive shortly after and learn they are eliminated.  Although very disappointed, Chad remarks that he is walking away with the biggest prize by becoming engaged to Stephanie.  I will definitely miss Chad and his tantrums!  However, it was great to see his sweet side emerge in the end and proclaim his love for Stephanie.  You can’t put a price on true love.

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