Skating With The Stars: Premiere Night

November 22, 2010 09:41:17 by Lori Wilson


Skating With the Stars debuted tonight and even though it seemed like an accident waiting to happen, not one celebrity skater fell and not one drop of blood was shed. Overall, the celebrities did a good job on their routines, but of course one celebrity emerged as the early one to beat, while two others seem like they have an uphill battle ahead of themselves.

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Dancing With The Stars: Season Eleven Finale Performances

November 22, 2010 07:35:46 by Lisa Princ


It all comes down to this as tonight is the season eleven finale performance show of Dancing With The Stars on ABC, and after what seems to be one of the most talked about seasons yet, we got to see Bristol Palin, Jennifer Grey, and Kyle Massey perform one final time for our votes. But which one of these stars has what it takes to take home the mirror ball trophy tomorrow? Keep reading for all the details!

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The Biggest Loser: Season 11 Announced And Season 12 Now Casting!

November 22, 2010 04:00:52 by Lisa Princ


Can’t get enough of the hit series The Biggest Loser on NBC? Well, you’re in luck because season 11 has just been announced and season 12 is currently casting! Keep reading for more details!

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American Idol: Adam Lambert to Release Acoustic EP

November 22, 2010 03:00:48 by Shayla Perry


Adam Lambert has announced the release date for “Acoustic Live!” When is the EP set to drop, and what songs can fans of the former American Idol finalist expect to hear? We’ve got all the details! Keep reading!

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Hell’s Kitchen: Season Seven Winner Holli Ugalde Will Not Become The Executive Chef At Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill

November 22, 2010 02:00:20 by Lisa Princ


FOX‘s Hell’s Kitchen season seven winner Holli Ugalde was looking forward to her prize of executive chef position at Gordon Ramsay‘s Savoy Grill in London. In an unfortunate turn of events, Holli will not be cooking her delicious cuisine there – in fact, she will not be going there at all. Keep reading for more details!

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The Bachelorette: Ali Fedotowsky’s Facebook Relationship Rules

November 22, 2010 01:00:53 by Shayla Perry


If there’s two things Ali Fedotowsky knows something about, it’s dating and social networking. And now, the former Bachelorette is helping you learn the rules of the road when it comes to mixing relationships and Facebook. Read on for some of Ali’s tips!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak Confirms Pregnancy!!!

November 22, 2010 11:30:07 by Shayla Perry


Just a day after performing her new single ‘Google Me’ on Watch What Happens Live and telling host Andy Cohen that she definitely is not pregnant, Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reveals that she and boyfriend Kroy Biermann are expecting their first child. How far along is she? Keep reading for all the details!

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America’s Next Top Model: Recap Show Reveals Behind The Scenes Look

November 22, 2010 11:30:01 by Allyson Wells


Have you wondered what went on behind the scenes on America’s Next Top Model when the models were not busy posing for pictures and walking the runway?  This Wednesday, the show will be about what really went on behind closed doors.  The show will also give viewers a chance to catch up on what their favorite eliminated models have been up to.  The preview reveals what could be some very scandalous revelations!

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Live to Dance: Paula Abdul Launches Casting Website

November 22, 2010 11:00:39 by Shayla Perry


If you’re hoping to break into the entertainment industry, things just got a little easier, and you have Paula Abdul to thank for that. Abdul, who will appear her own reality show, Live to Dance, has just launched a new website to help people connect with casting directors, producers, and more! Want more info? Keep reading!

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Survivor: Nicaragua — Finale Date Announced

November 22, 2010 11:00:14 by Ryan Haidet


The big battle on Survivor: Nicaragua started several weeks ago with 20 contestants divided into two tribes based on age — those 40 and older against those 30 and younger.  Now, with only nine castaways left in the competition, it won’t be long until we learn who wins the $1 million grand prize.  CBS has announced the two-hour finale will be held in Hollywood on Sunday, December 19.  Read on to find out more about the finale!

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