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Dancing With The Stars: Season Eleven Finale Performances

November 22, 2010 07:35 PM by Lisa Princ


It all comes down to this as tonight is the season eleven finale performance show of Dancing With The Stars on ABC, and after what seems to be one of the most talked about seasons yet, we got to see Bristol Palin, Jennifer Grey, and Kyle Massey perform one final time for our votes. But which one of these stars has what it takes to take home the mirror ball trophy tomorrow? Keep reading for all the details!

First up on the season eleven finale of Dancing With The Stars on ABC, Tom made sure to comically ask that no one shoot their television tonight. For their performances, each couple would be performing two routines – one previously performed routine that did not go over well in which they would try to redeem themselves and of course, everyone’s favorite freestyle. Here is how our celebrities and prod fared tonight:

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer
For their redemption dance, Kyle and Lacey performed the Foxtrot, in which they last performed on television theme song night in which they did not get good reviews, and was probably one of their worst performances this season. Tonight, however they did much better and Kyle’s footwork was spot on. While they were not perfect, the judges loved them and once again Kyle just proved that he is the most improved celebrity this season. They earned a 27 on the scoreboard for this routine.

For their freestyle routine, they performed to “Tootsie Roll” and it was full of energy and fun. Lacey was determined to get Kyle’s true personality to shine in this dance, and it definitely did. Donning bright colors, their old school hip hop routine won rave reviews from the judges and they earned a 29 for this performance giving them a total of 56 out of 60 for the evening.


Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough
For their redemption routine, Jennifer and Derek performed the Paso Doble, which was previously Jennifer’s worst dance full of mistakes. This time around the pair performed flawlessly and left us all wanting more. For the first time all season I could actually see some good chemistry with these two and the judges did as well as they earned a well deserved perfect score of 30.

For their freestyle dance, Derek wanted to push Jennifer, but not to the breaking point with all her injuries. They performed to “Do you love me” from Dirty Dancing and once again were flawless. After wards, Jennifer told everyone that she chose that song versus “The time of my life” since “The time of my life” was her song with Patrick Swayze and she wanted something different for she and Derek. In the end, the pair topped the board as they earned another perfect 30, giving them a total of 60 out of 60.


Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas
For their redemption dance, Bristol and Mark redid the Jive. Ah, yes remember the gorilla suits? Luckily they were no where to be found tonight, instead the pair donned sparkling blue attire and luckily for us their performance was much better this time around, although I don’t feel it was nearly as good as the other “redemption” dances. During their rehearsals, Bristol made it clear that she deserved to be there and wanted to prove it to everyone. The judges gave them a score of 27 for this routine.

For their freestyle, they performed to the theater hit “He had it coming” and I hate to say it but when you perform something so strong, you need to bring it which Bristol did not. Bruno and Carrie Ann both saw this as well, but Len loved it for some odd reason. They earned a 25 this round, giving them a total of 52 out of 60 for the finale performances.

Remember this is your last chance to vote for your favorite. Don’t depend on everyone else to save your favorites, get out there and vote, vote, vote. Tune in tomorrow at 9 pm EST for a 2 hour jam packed finale, where the stars will perform two more routines for the judges and someone will be awarded the mirror ball trophy!

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2 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars: Season Eleven Finale Performances”

  1. wordpressly Says:
    November 22nd, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    Jennifer is a great dancer and deserves to win! Go Jennifer!

  2. wordpressly Says:
    November 22nd, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    And forgot to mention…..Derek is an amazing teacher and dancer……brings out the best in Jennifer!


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