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Skating With The Stars: Premiere Night

November 22, 2010 09:41 PM by Lori Wilson


Skating With the Stars debuted tonight and even though it seemed like an accident waiting to happen, not one celebrity skater fell and not one drop of blood was shed. Overall, the celebrities did a good job on their routines, but of course one celebrity emerged as the early one to beat, while two others seem like they have an uphill battle ahead of themselves.

After Dancing With the Stars ends, the camera follows the host of Skating with the Stars, Vernon Kay, to the ice rink, who proceeds to introduce the six ice skating professionals, who hit the rink in a rehearsed routine. We then meet the judges Dick Button, Johnny Weir and Laurieann Gibson, who will judge the celebrities on technical merits and artistic impression.

U.S. Olympian Ice Dancer Tanith Belbin is introduced as the commentator, who gives us an idea of what the judges will be looking for: the one foot assisted glide, the basic two foot spin (or one foot spin, if the celebrities dare) and the pair spin.

Disney’s “Sonny With a Chance” star Brandon Mychal Smith and his partner Keauna McLaughlin are first to hit the ice. We learn in their clip package that Brandon hasn’t ice skated before, but he’s good on roller skates. He’s goofy, charming and charismatic, but the 21-year-old needs to rein in his energy a bit.

Brandon and Keauna’s routine is to “American Boy” and Brandon looks pretty natural on the ice. They face the judges and Dick tells him it was a nice start and that Brandon has a spiffy personality, but he needs to work on a few things. Laurieann is impressed with his abilities after only 5 weeks and Johnny is impressed this his focus was in fact reeled in, but he tells him to be on his feet more. Brandon receives a score of 36 out of 60 overall.

Movie actress and recent The Young and the Restless star Sean Young and her partner Denis Petukhov are up next. In their clip package, Sean says she’s been increasing her confidence from the very start. She thinks she has every edge and says the question is: What edge doesn’t she have? Hmm…we’ll see.


Sean (who is noted to be the least experienced skater in the cast) and Denis skate to “Bubbly.” Sean doesn’t seem to make any major mistakes, but she looks a bit stiff. Johnny however thinks her routine is elegant, but says there is room for improvement. Laurieann gushes over Sean’s acting and then calls her elegant and magical as well. Dick fell in love with Sean in the movie “No Way Out” and compliments her skating, but tells her she needs to be less tentative. She should take off her girdle and let it fly! Sean receives a score of 34 overall.

Olympian skier Jonny Moseley and his partner Brooke Castille are next. In their clip package, Brooke says she’s excited to train an athlete, but he’s a little nervous about the skating. She notes spinning is Johnny’s biggest issue and he has to be at his best when the pressure is at its highest. He reminds her he’s an olympic gold medal winner, so he knows something about performing under pressure.

Jonny and Brooke skate to a rocking Red Hot Chili Peppers song – “Higher Ground” I think. It’s the most fun routine so far and Laurianne calls it dynamic and amazing. She wants more funk in his trunk next time though. Dick tells Jonny he wants to see how he can transfer his ski technique to the edging technique of skating and to work on his posture. He gets a 40 overall from the judges.

Johnny Weir performs at the mid point to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and lives up to his flamboyant image with his costume and impressive routine.

All My Children‘s Rebecca Budig and her partner Fred Palascak are the next pair featured. In their clip package, Fred is impressed that Rebecca can actually skate and he gets straight to work on the training. She struggles with the crossovers, but he thinks they make a good team and is proud of her.

Rebecca and Fred skate to “Closer” and give the most impressive performance thus far. Dick thinks Rebecca has beautiful posture, legs and pointed feet. He calls it elegant and beautiful, but he wants her to flow better and to also be less tentative. Johnny calls the routine so hot he almost sweated out his weave. High praise, indeed. Laurianne likens Rebecca to a beautiful ballerina and wants her to continue to use her dancer center. Rebecca edges to the top of the leader board with a total score of 45.


Motley Crue’s Vince Neil and his partner Jennifer Wester are next up and Vince reveals he actually skated when he was younger. In their clip package, Vince says skating is harder than he remembered and falls a lot. He worries about getting the steps right because he doesn’t want to disappoint his partner.

Vince and Jennifer perform to “I LIke the Way You Move.” Vince seems to get through the routine okay, but he looks a little clumsy. Johnny gives him credit for getting on the ice, but he wanted the rock star performance. Laurianne counters that Vince was great, but suggests he spot on his turns next time. Dick respects him for taking on the competition, but advises him to be fearless next time. Vince receives the lowest score of the night with a 28 overall.

The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Bethenny Frankel and her partner Ethan Burgess are the last pair of skaters on the ice. Bethenny also skated as a kid, but has trouble with her spins. Despite a few clashes, the partners both declare how much they love working together and Bethenny calls them the go-big-or-go-home couple.

Bethenny and Ethan skate to “Right Round” and give a pleasing performance. Laurianne tells her to relax her shoulders, but thinks as a new mom she did an amazing job. Dick tells Bethenny her spins are nice and trusting, but he wants her to be less static and flow more. Johnny agrees with the other judges that she looks amazing, but she really needs to give it her all. Betheny receives a score of 29 overall.

What did you think of the show? Who should go home? Tune in to Skating With the Stars next week to find out.

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