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The Amazing Race: Elimination Station

November 22, 2010 09:30 AM by Allyson Wells


Each week on The Amazing Race, a team of racers are eliminated from their goal of winning the million dollar prize.  Have you ever wondered what happened to the racers after they packed their bags?  This season’s castoff duos don’t immediately go home.  Instead, they are sequestered at a villa in Cancun, Mexico to await the finale.  It doesn’t seem like a bad way to spend your time and a decent consolation prize.  CBS has been posting short videos on its website of “Elimination Station.”  Elimination Station is a great way for fans of the show to keep up with their favorite racers.  


Ron and Tony were the first eliminated team and spent their time kayaking and relaxing by the pool.  Andie and Jenna arrived at the villa next, and their relationship was a continual discussion.  While Jenna seems happy to have located her biological mom, she still seems undecided at what sort of relationship, if any, she will have with her.  Andie has told Ron and Tony that whatever Jenna wants is fine with her.

Katie and Rachel were known for their catty remarks about other teams while on the race.  Apparently, their negative ways did not stop once eliminated, as Ron and Tony remarked that their bitter attitudes over being eliminated were bringing everyone down.  Katie and Rachel wanted to be the first all-female team to win the race and have repeatedly said on elimination station that they do not want any other ladies, specifically Brook and Claire, to win.  Michael and Kevin have tried to help the volleyball girls be less negative and urged them to focus on the experience.  Kevin has also had difficulty accepting the loss, especially because the teams are rumored to visit China, which he believes would have given him and Michael and edge.

Gary and Mallory called the teams and revealed they were the most recent team to be eliminated.  What is interesting is that they revealed that the leg in Oman was the hardest leg of the race, and it took them 16 hours to complete.  They also revealed that they lost to Nat and Kat by only minutes. 

Will Katie, Rachel, and Kevin be able to let go of what happened and not dwell on losing?  Will Andie and Jenna forge a relationship?  Keep watching “Elimination Station” on The Amazing Race site on CBS!

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