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America’s Next Top Model: Jane Randall Discusses Show And Her Lack Of Personality

November 23, 2010 11:30 AM by Allyson Wells


On the most recent episode of America’s Next Top Model, there was a double elimination round and Jane Randall was sent home.  Jane was praised for her beautiful bone structure, but week after week was plagued with criticism for not showing off her personality.  The pretty Ivy Leaguer reveals her struggles with the show, what she enjoyed the most, and what’s next for her.

Question: Going into the final judging, did you have hope that you would make it to the final two, considering what the judges had said to you in previous weeks?

Jane: The majority of the criticism I received at panel was based on my personality.   In the motion editorial, I had my first chance to interact with Tyra. I enjoyed working with her. I am not sure if this was shown, but she said we had a “magical moment together.” I did think that the opportunity of working with her firsthand might get me to the finals.

Question: When I spoke to Chris last week, she told me she thought you had a great personality. Why do you think it didn’t come across to the judges?

Jane: First off, I am glad Chris said that. She also has a fantastic personality. With the judges, they based their opinion on me from panel. I never really felt like I was getting the same support that I saw other girls getting at panel. I am not saying that like I am complaining at all. I always felt like I was constantly under critique. It wasn’t until some of the guest judges came that I felt I was getting any positive feedback. I wish they could have seen more of my everyday personality. The atmosphere at panel was not one where I felt very comfortable. I felt that I was on the chopping block and I was trying to maintain composure hearing those harsh words.

Question: Do you feel that more was expected from you because they considered you “privileged”?

Jane: It became very apparent from the questions that they asked at the very first casting that they were going for the privileged, wealthy, Ivy League student. That is not who I am. I didn’t talk about money unless they brought it up. I am okay with not getting a lot of air time, which I didn’t get. I would rather have that then be misrepresented. I do go to Princeton and I do own a pony, but those two facts don’t define who I am as a person.

Question:  The judges made a big deal about your defection from the Ivy League. What did your friends at Princeton think?      

Jane:  I was incredibly lucky that the filming was done in the summer, so I didn’t have to take any time off from Princeton. I did quit lacrosse, but not school. Honestly, pretty much all I’ve heard has been incredibly supportive. I was worried coming into the school year that people would treat me differently when then show aired, but so far there hasn’t been any backlash.

Question: On the positive side, Tyra said you have a $1 million face. That was high praise for someone who was eliminated. Are you going to run with that?

Jane: I am definitely going to pursue modeling. It was great leaving on that high note and hearing that from Tyrabecause I never felt that she liked me, or any of the judges. After that, I had a whole new confidence walking away from the show. I am certainly going to pursue modeling. We will see how far it gets me. I hope I get the lucrative career she says I will.

Question: Are you back at Princeton? How are your friends there reacting to this?

Jane: They have been incredibly supportive throughout this whole experience. It really hasn’t changed anything in terms of my life on campus. People are talking about the show but they aren’t saying anything to me, by that, I mean, people I don’t know. Ann visited last week. I brought her out with me. I was very surprised at the number of people who just stopped and pointed at her because I didn’t think anyone was watching. I didn’t know how to take that, though, because, “I am on the show, too, people. I might not be shown, but I am there.” It was a bad idea thinking a 6-foot 2-inches girl wouldn’t stand out.

Question: What was your favorite photo shoot and why?

Jane: I loved the photo shoot we did in Venice. It was really one of the first times I felt like I was a model. I was in the back. I was able to do my own thing. I wasn’t getting much feedback from the photographer or Mr. Jay, other than just keep doing what you’re doing. It was a whole new challenge to me, being in the back with no restrictions. I think I did embrace that and the clothing we got to wear. The Italian hair and makeup people were great. I loved Venice.

Question:  What was your favorite challenge?

Jane:  I loved the Zac Posen runway. It was incredible. Interacting with him and meeting him was the first time I think I got positivefeedback. He was the first person to take the time to get to know me. In his runway challenge, he gaveme three looks instead of two. But he told me I couldn’t walk! That was fair, I guess. I wouldn’t book me either.. I learned more in five minutes with him than the rest of the show, maybe.

Question:  The judges really focused on how much you showed, or didn’t show, your personality during the show. What do you wish they had put in the episodes that they didn’t?

Jane:  I felt like they had no sense of who I was and it was unfair of them to make those critiques. The only time it happened to me was at panel. How I was at panel was different than how I was in the house. I wish I brought more energy, but at the time I was getting criticized and trying my hardest to stay composed. I think I learned very quickly, but I had to play catch-up with the other girls. I tended to take the competition very seriously, and maybe that was a mistake. Panel was a very confusing process. Even when we were just discussing what to wear, each judge had a different opinion. It was hard to get a collective sense of what you’re supposed to be doing.  It was particularly frustrating when they told me to bring out my personality. I got runner-up on the commercial challenge, and the whole focus was on being able to present yourself well. I did well but I still got asked “Who are you?” and it was the worst.

Question: Any regrets?

Jane: I wish the judges got to know me better, but I was very glad that I got to work with Tyra before it was all over. I wish I had had some idea of how to model going into this because I think I could have done a much better job walking in front of all those designers if I had had an idea how to do a runway walk. When am I going to be able to walk for Versace again? Hopefully, I will, but I really wish I knew what I was doing.

Question: What’s next?

Jane: Right now, I am going to finish up this semester in January. I am hoping I get some great feedback from agencies. I would certainly take time off immediately after this semester because it is something that I want to do. Last semester, when I started meeting with agencies, I only missed like six classes and I did feel that that affected my schoolwork. Basically, with school and modeling, I want to give them both the justice they deserve and commit fully. I don’t want either one to compromise the other. Modeling has a very specific time period, so I want to pursue it immediately, but I will definitely graduate. I spent too many sleepless nights studying to walk away without a degree.

Question:  So who do you think will win?

Jane:  Maybe this is why I’m terrible for reality, but I truly do love both Chelsey and Ann. If I had to pick who was going to win, I think it’ll be Ann. Seeing the kind of compliments Ann got from Andre, “beyond Amazon,”  making up words in that special way of his, there’s no way she won’t be a serious contender.

I was not surprised at all by Jane’s comments.  The entire season, I thought she seemed very down-to-earth, avoided drama and just wanted to learn and be competitive.  I enjoyed seeing Tyra come to Jane’s defense in the last show, because the judges seemed to be very hard on her.  Jane definitely has the look and combined with her smarts, she will no doubt go on to be a success.

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