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The Biggest Loser: Makeover Week!

November 23, 2010 08:01 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight it’s the most anticipated week of the season on The Biggest Loser on NBC as it is makeover week. This time the contestants will hit the runway and then two contestants do something unheard of and pay it forward to help a fellow contestant. Keep reading for all the details!

NBC’s The Biggest Loser returns tonight for makeover week. This week the remaining seven contestants get a visit by celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves who makes then over and then they are treated to their own People Magazine photo shoot. Then the contestants meet up with Ali Sweeney for a runway show in which they demonstrate the fashionable side of breast cancer support by modeling Ford Warriors in Pink apparel and accessories while showing off their new bodies. While there, they are visited by Shanna, a hopeful who did not make it but has conquered and just about beaten breast cancer as well as lost a good amount of weight since her first appearance.

After their stint on the runway, the contestants were then surprised to show off their new styles and weight loss to their family members, who have not seen them since they started at the ranch. Ada didn’t have any family members show up, but luckily for her she did get moral support of a good friend. Then it was time for their endurance challenge, and the contestants would not be playing for immunity this time, but they would be playing for a brand new car instead. For this challenge, the contestants could either hike up stairs or take a trolley to earn points, with the stairs giving them 5 points each time they completed them and the trolley only one.

Everyone started off strong, but Ada and Brendan quickly came out ahead of everyone else going up the stairs. After only a few laps of the stairs, Elizabeth once again gave up and took the trolley quite a few times which put her very far behind the other contestants in points. Ada and Brendan had a huge lead on everyone, with the exception of Patrick who followed behind them but not close enough to catch them. When Ada hit 95 points, she ran to the top of the stairs but did not return and oddly enough neither did Brendan who was next up at 95 points. Instead they surprised Patrick by waiting for him at the top, as they were going to walk back down with him as they forfeited the car to make sure he would get it since he was a dad of two with a very old car and no job. What a great way to pay it forward! Elizabeth ended up being the only contestant who did not do her 100 points – big shock there!


Then it was last chance workout time on The Biggest Loser with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels and they were not going easy on Elizabeth after she did not finish her challenge, instead they made her do 1800 steps on the stair master. Everyone had to work extra hard at this workout in order to make up for the lack of workouts during makeover week. After their workouts, Brendan made it very clear that if given the chance he would send Mark home. I am still baffled why no one will send Elizabeth’s lazy self home. Here is how the contestants did at the weigh in this week:

from 228 lbs to 228 lbs for a total loss of 0 lbs (0%)

From 309 lbs to 299 for a total loss of 10 lbs (3.24%)

from 190 lbs to 185 lbs for a total loss of 5 lbs (2.63%)

from 272 lbs to 265 lbs for a total loss of 7 lbs (2.57%)

from 201 lbs to 196 lbs for a total loss of 5 lbs (2.49%)

from 267 lbs to 263 lbs for a total loss of 4 lbs (1.50%)

from 301 lbs to 291 lbs for a total loss of 10 lbs (3.32%)


This meant that both Lisa and Frado fell below the yellow line this week, so without even seeing the elimination room, I am sure you can guess which one would be going home. Yes, vote after vote came in for Lisa to go home, with even Mark voting for her as he stated he liked the competition that Frado gave him. Lisa, however since leaving the show is doing wonderfully. She is inspiring the women in her town to get healthy and lose weight and since the show has lost a total of 89 lbs. Way to go Lisa, we look forward to seeing you at the finale!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a special  Thanksgiving “Where are they now” Special at 9 pm EST.

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